High 5 For Friday

May 31, 2013

1. We are officially employed, Jeremy as a School Psychologist and myself as a 4th grade teacher in the same parish he is in. I'm really happy it is a grade I am familiar with...but Holy Moses I do not want to teach Math. I pushed for a lower grade, but when they saw my test scores, the fact that I've taught the most hated grade by teachers for 2 years, and my resume I didn't get a choice. Such is life, a job is a job is a job.

2. After interviewing with 20+ teachers competing for the same position, I decided to dress a little flashy...it worked. Tip for teachers :: wear something that will help them remember you, but in a positive way. Don't look crazy.

3. We signed on a townhouse! How the mess we crammed a big 3 bedroom house into a 3 bedroom townhouse to begin with amazes me....how we will get that in a two bedroom townhouse just seems impossible. I may be ditching a desk. Just know if you are reading this and think I'm giving away things you may want...you probably won't want them. None of the antiques are leaving. Just clothes and that awful desk.

4. For our anniversary yesterday we stopped off at Cafe Du Monde before heading into town for Emeril's. If all you want is good coffee just hit up the spots in Kenner and Metairie. There is no reason to pay for parking and sit outside if you've been to NOLA before. I always say no presents, but Jeremy out did himself. We had several disposable camera sitting around at the wedding for guests to play with and after years of not getting them printed Jeremy surprised me with them. The big surprise was what some of the pictures were. Someone managed to snag a pic of my grandparents dancing together, super sweet.

5. Emeril's was amazing. I'll post more about it later. I was so excited to finally go, I've wanted to go since I was in elementary school and he first came on Food Network. Who all remembers 1990's early Food Network? We've lived here two years, but we really like to save high end places for special occasions. After working in fine dining a few years between the two of us we really love to watch the wait staff when we go to these places. It almost made me want to quit teaching and beg for a position there, I seriously loved working in fine dining in college. But I'll save my rambling for my Emeril's post.