Louisiana Bride: High Five 4 Friday

Friday, May 24, 2013

High Five 4 Friday

1. Last Saturday we went to the lake with some friend's to celebrate my good friend Stephanie graduating from LSU! We had a blast, and even though it was only one night it was so relaxing that it felt like days.

2. It has been a week y'all. On Tuesday I made a run by the local grocery store and decided I needed some Sucre chocolate. If you are ever in the NOLA area I highly suggest you visit their store, amazing!

3. I think Sirius new I needed some happy in my life, because the 2 free promo weeks are on again. We never bought Sirius after it expired, but I dearly love their 90's station and jam out every time it is on!

4. Yesterday I packed up my classroom here and headed home. We will be moving at the beginning of July so I had to get the junk now. The last time I did this I had a Mustang, and that took quite a few loads. Luckily with the Momma Focus it only took two car loads.

5. I planned to pack boxes and store them in the guest room until we moved...after Jeremy put my classroom stuff in there that might not be as easy.
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