An Etsy Specific Obsession

November 23, 2008

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If you haven't yet check out the website it is amazing!! It would make great christmas presents (hint hint). Anyhoo here are a few things that I love!!I really want the bracelet and the flowers hair pins...ok I want everything. I am really thinking about getting the boutonniere for the wedding, it's only $15 and if that is close to the price of a flower one guess what I'm orderign the etsy one. And I don't care what the guys think haha. And don't you just love the bride and groom cake topper, you send your pic into the guy and he paints them to look like you and your outfits for the day!

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I hear they're making a comeback...

November 11, 2008

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Having never been a huge fan of the over used rose I decided to look for something different to use for the wedding. I've looked at hydrangeas and several other ones for the bridesmaids to carry and after lots of looking around I finally found the look I wanted. The look being full and almost rounded bouquets for an inexpensive cost. I also love ruffles and after finding a bouquet of carnations I was pleased and knew exactly what I was going to use for flowers, and it was able to be done for an affordable amount of money.

Carnations have this stigma of being cheap and associated with funerals, but turn of the century dandies wouldn't leave the house without a red or white carnation in the button hole of their jacket. Carnations are also a long lastig flower and won't die nearly as fast as other flowers. They also have very sweet meanings.
The color of carnation flowers conveys a certain meaning in the Victorian language of flowers. In general Carnations denote "a fascination with" or "a love for a woman". For each flower the meaning of carnation color is described below :-

Red Carnation colors say " I admire you" or "My heart aches for you". They indicates love, passion, and respect.

White bears the message of ardent love and a good luck gift to a woman. It signifies innocence, a sweet and lovely person, and pure love.

A pink carnation exclaims "I'll always remember you". Pink echoes thoughts of perfect happiness and thankfulness.

Purple suggests capriciousness.

A Carnation flower in a solid color is symbolic for the affirmative - yes.

A striped Carnation flower implies "No", a Refusal, or "Sorry I can't be with you", "Wish I could be with you".

Yellow exclaims rejection, disdain - "You have disappointed me".

Mauve reveals dreams of fantasy.

{note to self don't striped or yellow for the wedding}
Here are a few pics of centerpieces I like. I especially love the wreaths in white.

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Cookies anyone?

November 10, 2008

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I ordered my cookie stamp today. Yay! Can't wait to start making test batches with it. If anyone has a good sugar cookie recipe let me know! I used just store bought dough for my first test run today just to try out piping but I really want to make the actaul favors from scratch an attach the recipe to the cookie.

Well here is my first attempt ever at this sort of thing. I've made a ton of cookies but never tried to make anything pretty. I of course didm't have time to get the correct icing to do this with so its sloppy. Not to mention I bought the tips to pipe and the bag I was using busted so I just snipped the end off a plastic bag and went to town on the cookies.

Finished Product:

{please excuse the polka dot and babb cookie they are quite horrendous}

and here are my 3 favorite ones...

I really like the idea of a lower case monogram and I think it would go well with the program monogram, but the cookie stamp I ordered is a capital letter. Oh well, stamping will be a lot easier and save a lot of time considering the amount of cookies that will need to be done. Jeremy and I were also talking today about doing the stamp cookie one flavor and then another cookie in just plain sugar cookie.
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The Venue...

November 6, 2008

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Twin Oaks in Natchez, MS

{all pics of twin oaks from}

For anyone who has talked to me since the wedding planning started knows that I am so very excited about being able to have our wedding at Twin Oaks in Natchez. No joke, I had the same reoccuring dream about Twin Oaks about 3 or 4 times and each time I was walking through and talking about where we would put things and how everything would be for the wedding. I am a huge fan of this current trend among the Vidalia and Natchez girls to get married at the plantations around town. They are beyond beautiful an just exhibit that southern charm that we all love.

{this is the chapel at Twin Oaks that we will be getting married in front of.}

{this picture is from a weddig reception at twin oaks. i absolutely love the way this looks. the back porch is set up perfect for a big party, which is exactly what i'm going for.}

This is probably the one thing I'm looking forward to the most, FOOD! All the food for the wedding is done by Chef Regina Charboneau(who is also the owner of Twin Oaks). She was trained in Paris, and for anyone who knows me well knows I'm a huge foodie and my dream is to go to culinary school in Paris, so to have a French trained chef is a big treat for me!

{this is another reception picture. the food looks so yummy, and its all done by mrs. regina.}

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Fantastic Fabric!

November 4, 2008

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I've been planning on making my own ring bearer pillow after seeing what was out there. The options around here are your typical plain white satin over priced pillow, plus that cheap looking pillow I saw just isn't me and doesn't fit my wedding scheme. I've come to realize over the past year that you can make anything that you really like for less money and it can be adjusted to be exactly what you visioned. Not to mention I've become this mini Martha since I got my first apartment a few years ago.

Well today I had some free time between class and getting another ticket this week,(yes this makes two for us since sunday, im never driving again im about to hitch hike around town haha) so I headed over to Fantastic Fabric to check things out. It just so happened that they were having a sale and the fabric I liked was half off and if I got it out of the leftover pile it was another 25% off that. Whoo hoo I love a good sale! And I'm excited to say I got it for $9(which is way cheaper than the cheap plain satin pillow I saw for $30.).

This is my simulation of how it will look when I'm done, I want the turquoise as the pillow and the chocolate dots as a wide stripe going around the entire pillow. I just need to find a big raspberry colored fabric button and some raspberry colored ribbon to tie around the button and to attach the rings to and I've got my personalized "exactly what I want" ringbearer pillow!!

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4 Things I would have for my wedding:

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If money wasn't an issue...

#1 A Sylvia Weinstock cake. She is so amazing and all of her flowers look real...and I'm sure they taste outta this world.

{I'd love to just go to a tasting for one of her cakes!}

#2 An Oscar de la Renta wedding gown.

{It's just so fabulous and I love the ruffles.}

#3 Manolo Balhnik Something Blue Satin Pump

{Oh if only money would fall out of the sky.}

#4 White Aisle Peony Letterpress Invitation Set. It's my hands down favorite flower of all time.

{I love love love love these invitaions but sadly enough they are out of the college kiddo price range.*moment of silence for the broke college kids everywhere.*}

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Have you voted yet?

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Don't forget to vote today! I'm super glad I absentee voted because (according to my social psych professor) there could be up to a six hour wait to vote in some places. But be heard and get your vote out there! It's a privilage to be able to vote so don't be like many who take it for granted.
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To Stamp or to Pipe?

November 3, 2008

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Well I found a cookie stamp I liked(stamp from, but I also love the piped icing look. So what to do? Needless to say I've looked into getting someone else to make the cookies but it would turn out very pricey. If I can find a polka dot cookie stamp I am definately going to go with the stamped look and have two cookies per favor two flavors one polka dot and one monogramed.

If anyone knows where I can find a cookie stamp or how I can achieve this look without having to search for one let me know.

P.S. The Brooklyn Bride put our save the date postcard on her blog! So go check it out, I absolutely love her wedding style and she has a ton of great ideas.
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Monique Lhuillier 2009

November 2, 2008

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{this definitely takes my love of feathers to the extreme}

{i can't tell if its polka dots or not but i totally love it}

{this is absolutely gorgeous and still really traditional}

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Favor idea # 1:

November 1, 2008

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I saw a cookie favor on and now I'm in love. Most of these pics were taked from Martha Stweart Wedding(who i am obsessed with). I've looked at a few places who could make them but if I think I wouldn't go insane I just might do them myself. This would be perfect considering I'm like the most sugar crazed person alive. [I'm waiting for the day when I fall into a diabetic coma]

These are just wonderful and you could customize them anyway you could think of. I think i would try a chocolate sugar cookie with the monogram stamped on...
{stamped cookies}

{sugar cookie cakes..yum}

{i love the shape and how simple the monogram is}

{love the swirls}

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Save the Date

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This is our fabulous save the date post card!!I love how it turned out. On the suitcase Jeremy is holding it is supposed to say Save the Date 05.30.2009 but the image with the writing wouldn't upload;(. I got the idea from another blog I just happened to stumble upon and just had to attempt to recreate their idea it was so funky and original.
It was fun trying to get everyone to agree with me over this. My sister was totally against standing on a ladder in the front yard and Jeremy was completely against laying in the yard with the suitcase. I don't really blame them considering people would slow down as they were driving by and stare at us being complete goobers int the front yard. Oh well, Laura got a candy bar and Jeremy got...well...postcards, but I'm sure that's every man's dream to have custom postcards.
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