Failures of a Food Blogger

I don't know what's happening y'all.

Have I lost the touch, the ability to make anything and it turn out well. (generally, Jeremy has a few girl foods he chooses to not like)

When I burned my great-grandmother's chocolate pie to an absolute crisp the other day I thought I was just not paying attention. Clearly I had gotten busy cooking my lunch for the week and ignored what was about to happen to my dear pie.

Which might I add can not be made in a single day without chilling because that sucker NEVER SET.

Then.... I burned an entire set of cracker appetizer to a pulp.

It was as black as night.

So either I've lost my touch or God is trying to make me humble.

Stop thinking you can cook Emily, because toast is clearly an issue these days.

In reality though, it's just the old oven that must be all wonky on its oven temps. These are the first two delicate items I've made and they both died painful deaths. I did over do a set of rolls once, but who knows.

To add more laughter to this cooking injury... these were supposed to be taken to a women's event where everyone brought recipes of their dish. I only had the recipes. At the end I heard a few women asking where this was, they surely didn't see it. (Oops lol)

So guess what Santa is bringing me... an oven thermometer. I can't be letting that oven shame me like this.

Meal Planning Monday

Thanksgiving break was so relaxing... especially since dinner (when I did cook it) was just a charcuterie when it did happen. But now, it's back to work, back to meal planning, and mama needs a nap. 

But only because the baby has a man cold. 

Monday | Chick-Fil-A - they're doing a bring back your receipt thing today.

Tuesday | Poppyseed Chicken

Wednesday | leftovers

Thursday | Marry Me Chicken (that I've yet to make) Roasted Potatoes & Brussel Sprouts

Friday | Family Date Night

Saturday | Making an app for the Sunday School Party. I can't make up my mind.

Sunday | Frozen Trader Joe's Meal

For lunch I did steak bites, spinach, and cauliflower mash (sweet potato mash on reg carb days)