new wedding dance video

July 31, 2009

Has anyone else seen the JK Wedding Dance video? I personally am not crazy enough to do that, but I know one of our grooms men who would do it without a second thought, and considering the dance moves I've seen Jeremy display he prolly would too. I expect more of these will follow just like it did with the crazy first dances that involved break dancing, don't you? There is apparently a parody out that is something like dance to divorce court.

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Flashback Friday

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Last night it occurred to me that my baby dog Ellie is going to be 3 this year. Honestly that makes me sad. We spent every waking moment together when she was little and we lived alone in my townhouse, she rode in the car with me everywhere, visited friends houses, even went to a few parties. Don't get me wrong, everyone loved Ellie and I was expected to bring her with me if I went anywhere. Oh we had so much fun just us. She is unlike any other dog I've had or been around, from day one she is so relaxed and trusting of people that she prefers to be carried like a baby{yes I know that is bad for daschunds, but she like it}, weird enough she like to be held upside down. I know, I know, she isn't a child and I sound like one of the mom's who has a kid turning one or something...but Ellie is my baby. Here are some pictures of Ellie when she was still a puppy:

{attempting to teach her to potty outside, this was her response to leaves not potty}

{the first week I had her...already interested in shoes, thankfully we broke that habit fast.}

{I was attempting to study, Ellie was attempting to eat the paper. Only because her best friend Adriel taught her how much fun it could be to shred it.}

{our first and last New Year's Eve at my old apartment, Danielle and I moved out about two weeks later}
Yup, I miss her being a baby. She use to follow me everywhere but now she is so independent she only bugs me to death when she wants something. Ellie has her own agenda...usually involves bossing around Maddie and laying in the grass and sleeping all day. Funny the day I got her she loved Danielle and Adriel but if I touched her she yelped like she was in pain. Now she may not want to do what I'm doing but she wants to know what I'm doing, and for heaven's sake don't pack a bag around her she gets super excited about traveling to Vidalia. I've only left her with Jeremy once...and that was one very unhappy dog.
Oh, look in the background of the second picture...see the pink dog? Well Danielle bought her that dog and she loved it so much she would suck on it to fall asleep at night, I'm not kidding you could get close and hear sucking. Not licking...honest sucking, yes I admit she is weird but that is what I love about her.

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just a thought

July 30, 2009

This is my whole wheat soap box...can't say I didn't warn you.

Honestly what is the problem with eating whole wheat products? I'm not talking about those brands out there that trick the "non label reading folk" by "saying" their products are "whole wheat" by plastering lies all over their label, I'm talking about honest whole wheat products. I personally see a difference in my blood sugar and how stable my weight is when I'm eating right{yes, even my health nut pushing self has fallen off the health horse and gained weight from eating fast food at midnight}. I love whole wheat anything, but I admit whole wheat pasta took time to get use to. So why is it some people flip out like you are feeding them rocks when you serve whole wheat pasta? Eating things closer to their natural state is better for you, go ahead and consider processed the nutritional devil. Processed grains have the nutrients sucked out of them and you might as well eat dirt. You may even say "I don't have to worry about weight or health, I'm young" but guess what buddy, what you put in your body now will haunt you later.

So I'll step down off the soap box now, just had to get that out of my system. But I will leave you with this, it is very informative...and should give you plenty reason to eat whole grains and step away from their demon possessed friend processed white flour.

***Something interesting I learned today: American's dead bodies last longer than other countries dead bodies. Could that be all the processed preservative junk we eat?
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Hanging dishes on the wall?

July 28, 2009


After reading a post about hanging dishes on the wall at The Nesting Place I have suddenly felt the need to collect mismatch random dishes to hang on the wall. Granted you use to see this at "old lady" houses, but apparently this is not the case anymore. She also had something about hanging a door on the wall, it looked pretty cool so next time I go running I'm going to ask that neighbor with the door in their front yard if it is up for grabs{the Nesting Place author says she did this in high heels! haha I bet that was quite a sight}.

I absolutly love this second picture, and the chandlier plates are to die for! Maybe I'll find some junk plate on sale at Belk today when I go spend the bonus bucks we got for buying so much Paula Deen on Saturday. Needless to say two months into marriage Jeremy thinks I've already turned into a "grandma" but as God as my witness I will get that black Ethan Allen bed, find some plates to hang on my wall, and high jack someone door before I die of old age as an actual grandma. Maybe it's just me but this shabby chic country-ish look is so stinking awesome, funny though when you tell people you like country-ish decorating they automatically think roosters. I would personally die before a rooster entered my offense to roosters or people who like them though. I'm just more of a pig person, not really, but I've always wanted one.
Now off to take another history test. I am beyond ready for a break, the constant stress and studying has cause my eye to continually twitch when I'm at school or studying. Does anyone know how to get rid of an eye twitch by chance?
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{spicy chinese noodles}

July 27, 2009

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After P90X was underway at our house our usual Sunday Lunch had to under go a change. Sunday is usually my "not so healthy" day so that I don't go crazy eating healthy during the week. Well, after reading through the P90X cook book I found a recipe I thought I could add upon to make a full meal out of it...Jeremy at the same time decided to invite a few friends over during this experiment, and I'm not keen on serving a experiment. But after Rebekah and I played with the sause for a minute to make it a bit more spicy we were happy and served it up to the boys.

Spicy Chinese Noodles

14oz box of whole wheat linguini
9 tbls of chunky peanut butter
9 tbls of low sodium soy sauce
9 tbls of rice vinegar
6 tbls honey
dash cayenne (red) pepper
green onions finely chopped
Heat sauce in pan and whisk together till combined. Then mix with pasta.
Asian Beef
-optional if you don't want it to be vegan
1 lb of round steak{or whatever you prefer, this is just cheap}
soy sauce to taste
udon sauce to taste
rice vinegar to taste
garlic powder
onion powder
green onions chopped
brown sugar to taste
Combine ingredients in a zip lock bag and let marinade over night.
Next day while preparing cabbage and pasta grill meat and slice. Then add over pasta.
Stir Fry Cabbage
1 bag of shredded cabbage
soy sauce
rice vinegar
garlic powder
onion powder
Heat olive oil in skillet then add all ingredients and saute till wilted.

We ate the cabbage on the side, or you could mix it in. Either way it was really good, and didn't taste healthy at all. Jeremy who complains about whole wheat would not have known if Rebekah
had not told him. The peanut butter really covers the nutty taste most people don't like about whole wheat pasta. I also used linguini because I didn't have time to run by the asian market to get udon noodles, but linguini is almost the same shape. Also if your peanut sauce seems to think add a little water or broth to thin it out, mine thickened up very fast.

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Primrose Design

July 23, 2009

I just so happened to stumble upon the coolest
vintage website/blog/Esty store on the internet...Primrose Design. The name even sounds pretty and vintage to me. Seeing this pretty little thing to the right hasn't calmed my dying need to buy a apron. This just screams 50's to me, and something about the clothing and style of that time is just so romantic and sexy. {I had to use the word sexy, my history prof. says it about everything...except war, cause war isn't sexy.}

I don't need it, but I so so want it. So go check out Primrose, it is an awesome site...that makes me feel the need to bake.

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{kinda wordless wednesday}

July 22, 2009

Ok so a few words...I'm not the best dancer so don't judge. Plus I was told I looked to serious, but I was thinking about the flip{that I repeatedly hurt my ankle practicing} and attempting to talk Jeremy out of doing it, which he did...towards the crowd.{So they all got a taste of the off brand nude spanx shorts I got the night before after losing my bloomers.}

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To sleep, perchance to dream

July 21, 2009

I saw this bed on a blog this morning, and remembered looking at it awhile back on the Ethan Allen website but for some reason this time I love love love it. The bed I have now is an antique iron bed that is white and I thought that is what I would be looking for when we bought a king size bed, but not now. This bed is hands down amazing...looks like I need to start saving up for this puppy. Although saving would come easier if I had a job for the fall, but leave it to this town to be in a hiring freeze. Poor Jeremy is never going to be able to get away from my girlie southern living-antique-ish style, poor thing will probably die in a english country rose pattern bed sheet. But hey, the sooner we buy this bed the sooner he can sleep on the blue and green stripe shabby chic sheets...they were our girlie compromise, girlie enough for me, and as not girlie as shabby chic gets for him.

And Jeremy in case you read this and feel the need to save up money and surprise me, this bed is called the Quincy Bed. I'll even link it so you can find it easier.{ah chuckle chuckle you know that will never happen}

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that is such a watergate answer!

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That is what my history professor told us today when we said we didn't know who the secretary of the interior was. I think I'm gonna start using that phrase from now on. And in case you didn't know it George Washington was a drunk...along with a bunch of other people.

And that my friends is what I learned in American history today...for the love of summer school when will this end?

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{just catch the dang thing}

July 18, 2009

Jennifer posted the rest of the wedding on her blog today. Whoo hoo.

Here are two pics from the post. I was so happy that the girls attacked the bouquet the way they did, and I do mean attacked. Most weddings I've seen lately the girls just stand there as the bouquet hits the ground like it's covered in anthrax{or big kid cooties for that matter}. But nope not the gals at our wedding, or the guys for that matter, they attacked it like it had money attached to it{or an actual groom}.The pic of my friend Ryan catching the garter{at one point his niece had the garter around her head} is in the slide show at the bottom of the page by the way. But yup, gotta love our crazy crowd.

I'm so glad married life is better than wedding planning...if it wasn't people wouldn't stay married long. Geez that week prior to the actual day is a killer, I actually lost 5lbs that week and not on purpose...I just got so busy I forgot to eat. Yes me, forgot to eat! Me, the person who starts thinking about lunch at breakfast and dinner at lunch...and what I'm having for Sunday lunch all week. No joke, I do believe there is a fat lady trying to get out some days haha. So for all soon to be's remember to eat, or at least schedule it in. Lord knows I don't remember anything I don't right down.
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{tres leches and other ramblings}

Since Jeremy is starting the P90X {yay no more bad Jeremy food to tempt me}program Monday we wouldn't be able to make him a cake on his birthday, or at least one that he would eat. So I improvised and am forcing him to chomp down a cake this weekend. This of course was my first attempt to make Tres Leches Cake from scratch, I made it out of a box once, and it turned out really good. Jeremy loves it, and I think I am finally winning him over to my side{he is the only person that ever told me he prefered his mother's cooking over mine, he has finally admitted I cook better}.


In other news...

Has anyone else noticed that men have no sense of time? Jeremy just left the house to go to work and said "I'll see you in a minute." Obviously he won't be home till nearly midnight{Sage tends to have a late pop on Saturday}, that is a long minute in my book.

It has been like this our entire relationship. He use to come over on weekends or when we didn't have school and leave in my car,{I can't drive a motorcycle...I can't even pick it up or touch the ground with my feet} I'd get up in the morning to go to the activity center to work out and would walk outside to a bike, I would proceed to text and call till I got an answer and he would always say "I'll be there in a minute." Needless to say I never made it to the gym before noon. But seriously are men on another clock?

Kinda make me wonder how long it would be before he would be home if he left for work and said "I'll see you in an hour." Guess I'd wouldn't expect to see him for a week then.


Can you tell it's Saturday? Nothing in the world makes Ellie and Maddie happier than both of us sitting in bed watching movies. There have been days, seriously, where I couldn't find Maddie and looked and looked for her only to eventually realized she was left in the bed...and didn't want to be removed from the bed either. And now that they have to sleep in the dog/laundry room they use any chance they get to get in our bed. Lazy skunks...that reminds me, it's bath day.

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Flashback Friday

July 17, 2009

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It's a picture of a picture but it occured in the world before pre digital cameras. This was taken at the Christmas parade my Sophomore year of high school, and yup for those who didn't know I use to be a majorette. Back when there were still majorettes at Vidalia High, and if there happen to be majorettes now...I feel sorry for you gals cause no one can compare to our sponser Mrs. Debbie, she was just hands down awesome at anything involving a baton.

***notice I'm not wearing a Santa Claus hat, I absolutely refused to do it. For some reason I've always been totally against wearing holiday hats. {ex. complaining all night at Sage on New Year's Eve after being forced to wear the most horrid hat ever.}

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July 16, 2009

1) I have an hour break between test today and what do I do...yup that is right I have studied since I got the material and am studied out, I'm sitting in bed. I'll go back to campus evenutally.

2) I'm gonna break my super healthy eating plan by going to get ice cream at Eskamoes, I might even make ice cream, ya never know. I just think I deserve some sort of reward for going nearly crazy.

3) KitchenAid finally shipped out yesterday whoo hoo!

4) Does anyone else have a problem with their ears hurting when they sleep on their side all night?

5) Jeremy felt the need to tell me I'm nearly vegetarian yesterday, yes my week day diet only consist of yogurt, pepper jack cheese and whole wheat crackers, cucumber salad, salad with Pearl St. dressing, carrots and hummus, 100 calorie pack chex mix between classes, and PB&J on whole wheat. But I do throw in beef jerky cause I love it so much.

6) An assistant superintendent emailed me back asking for my resume, hopefully it goes somewhere.

7)I admit it, I'm a plant killer. I wonder if I will forget to feed children the same way I forget to water the dogs somedays haha.

8) If Lost doesn't come back on TV soon I think I may die.

9) Although some people on FB believe that I like Christmas(Adriel and Jeremy can't come to terms with the fact that they didn't get 100% on my how well do you know me test) I actually like Easter better because of the candy. Easter candy is just better.

10) My favorite movie is Help! that the Beatles did, I also like Rocky Horror Picture Show and A Hard Day's Night, but I can watch Help! over and over again. Jeremy did remind me though about how much I like Hocus Pocus. Halloween is only good because of the movie options on TV. Like Hocus Pocus.

Well that is all, I'm just in a listing mood today. I really need to make a grocery list.

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{ugh, summer school}

July 14, 2009

I wish someone would explain to me why the same girl asked the same professor every day if there will be a word bank on the test. Seriously he answers with the same thing, "no dear your in college now" and yet every day she asks again. As if asking will make him put one on there. If that isn't irritating enough for one class we are covering the French Revolution in the other class, maybe it's just me but I really don't care that Napoleon was exiled to Elba and later returned to Paris{while Louis 18th ran off and hid form him} only to be exiled again to a tiny island between Africa and South America. But for a non history remembering individual it is funny that I have retained the info that the Inca's were the only civilization in the history of the world to 1) never invent the wheel 2) never have outside contact with another civilization 3)never invent written language, and did I mention they were the largest of their time, exceeding the population of both Paris and London. But enough about summer school because there is only one thing that satisfy me when I have tons of studying to do, yes, dessert. {during one particularly hard test last year I ate an entire king cake in one weekend, but you didn't hear that} So here is the summer-y dessert I made last weekend to fullfil my study eating needs:

Really Easy Fruit Tart
{seriously I didn't use a recipe, and you don't need to, you can mock just about recipe and make it easier}

What you need:
1 tube of sugar cookie dough
kiwi{or any other fruit you like}
egg custard mix{I know it exist but I couldn't find it so I used cheesecake pudding mix, I was feeling to lazy to make custard from scratch}
apricot jelly
Now get out a tart pan and press your sugar cookie dough into the form, it will puff up when you bake it but it falls really fast, you can always help it by mushing it down, no one will see it anyway. Bake according to directions. While your cookie is cooling mix up your custard and when the cookie is cooled put your custard on top of the cookie tart form. Now while everything is firming up slice your fruit and arrange on top of custard. Finally melt down your jelly in the microwave or on the stove top and brush on top of fruit. {the jelly just gives it a pretty shine, I've seen it done a Food Network a lot}

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trolls and alarm clocks

July 12, 2009

As usual before church this morning my alarm went off at 8am. Had Jeremy left the night stand on my side I would have turned it off myself, but instead it went off and he mumbled something to me and I said "Don't hit snooze, just turn it off." After doing so he went back to sleep. At about 8:45am he woke up and asked if I had gotten up before my alarm because it never went off. The conversation went like this:

Jeremy- Did you get up before you alarm? It never went off.
Me- No, you turned it off.
Jeremy- No I didn't.
Me- Yes you did, I asked you to turn if off and not hit snooze and you did it.
Jeremy- Um no you must have cause I didn't.
Me- Are you crazy? You turned it off. Who else do you think did it? Why would I lie about turning it off?
Jeremy- I didn't do it.
Me- Okay yeah you didn't, trolls must do that too.

He still doesn't believe he did it, and tries to argue his case. But seriously why would someone lie to you about that? Men, they make no sense. But like my grandmother always says "What do you expect, you married a man."

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Pre-wedding picture post is up.
Jeremy talked to Jennifer the other night an we get to start working on the album this week, yay!

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Old Fashion Chocolate Gravy

July 11, 2009

There are no pics with this post because simply, most of it was gone pretty fast.

But this morning I wanted chocolate gravy really bad, I haven't had it since my grandparents brought some mix back from Arkansas years ago, so I found a easy recipe and whipped some up. It's really sweet, ole Jeremy doesn't do sweet in the morning, but I had to have it anyway.

Chocolate Gravy:

1 1/4 c milk
1 c sugar
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp coco powder
pinch of salt{brings the flavor out in sweets well}
1 tbsp butter

Mix everything together {except butter} in a sauce pan and whisk until it comes to a boil. Add butter.

I had to let mine boil a bit more than the recipes I saw so that it got to the thickness I like gravy at. Also I put a little more flour in than a tbsp, I just thought it didn't sound like enough. But it came out really well, I am tempted to dip some strawberries in it...but I may hold off and save it for breakfast tomorrow.

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{sourdough or don't}

July 10, 2009

Has anyone ever started a sourdough starter? I hear of these starters that circulate every few years around town...but how do you start one? My husband loves sourdough and after being in Vidalia last weekend and hearing my mom talk about it {I can't remember how that came up} he thinks he needs it. His mom, like my mom, made a lot of sourdough when we were kids...and so he "needs' it. I, needless to say, basically challenged him to find a dish I can't make. Minus an incident were a entire recipe was attempted to be translated from Spanish I have never met a food technique I couldn't make work. But this sourdough may, just may, break that little streak. Plus this "pet" has a lot of up keep, and if he feeds bread starters like he does dogs, I'll end up with another dog that just lives in a jar.

At least the sourdough jar dog won't eat the carpet when we go to the store. But if I keep bread alive like I do plants it won't live long.

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We're Expecting..

...something better than kids{haha}...our very own KitchenAid Stand Mixer!

Yesterday we went to Walmart to get the cheap stand mixer, well that didn't end up happening because before I could check out I backed out of it.

Today I was looking around online and comparing prices and features and came upon the outlet section at KitchenAid. Which happens to be the holy grail of refurbished KitchenAid products. Well those $299.99 Artisan mixers that everyone loves happens to go for $189.99 and I ordered this baby:

Unlike the Artsian and Classic stand mixers the Professional 5qt Heavy Duty has 475 watts and is commercial style. It does have a drop bowl instead of a tilt head, but it came in Onyx and could probable mix concrete.

Here is where is gets really good...we also had enough money left over to guy Brita pitcher, new 10x13 baking pan, a roasting insert for the baking pan, a Wilton professional fluted tube pan{bundt pan}, Wilton tart pan, and a Wilton springform pan. Which goes to show I can find a sale anywhere, and I'm pretty proud of myself considering we only went over $14.

So like my favorite magizine Glamour it is fitting to do this...for the price of a Kitchenaid Artesian Stand Mixer{$299.99} you could buy a Refurb 5qt KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer and a bunch of pans to bake in, and a water purifier{total $314} to clean your nasty Monroe water.

Not bad.

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it's an old obsession

July 9, 2009

Before I ever met Jeremy I had a list of things I wanted on my bridal registry, I'm talking freshmen year of high school way back. Since I was a little kid I loved to cook, and since I knew what a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer was I have wanted one. Now I am about to finish off my registry with the biggest decision of my 23 year old life, no not kids, not buying a house, and unlike girls my age...not a boob job, I am buying a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. But which one do I buy??The 5 quart artsian or the 4 1/2 quart classic, both have the same attachment options, but they don't come in the same color. I spend the $299.99 on the color 5 quart or do I save $100 and get the 4 1/2 quart. Which might I add would leave me money to buy a water purfier{Monroe water literally taste like dirt and I want to save money by not buying bottled water} and maybe hit up the antique shop and buy something to decorate with. What to do, what to do?. Oh and the cheaper one only comes in white, I happen to really want the Ice blue or Onyx black. Well you be the judge, here are the stats on both mixers:

KitchenAid® 5-Quart Artisan™ Stand Mixer

This attractively styled stand mixer is reason enough for you to get busy in the kitchen. With a powerful 325 watt motor, it can handle any task you put to it. The tilt-back head allows for easy access to whatever you're mixing and the 5-quart bowl features an ergonomic handle for comfort. The durable, all-metal construction is built to last. The unique mixing action reaches every part of the bowl. Five rubber feet protect countertop, while helping to stabilize the mixer. 10-speed control. Includes: flat beater, dough hook, wire whip, pouring shield and 5-quart, polished stainless steel bowl. UL listed. Hassle-free replacement warranty within the first year from purchase. Model # KSM150PS.

KitchenAid 4 1/2 Quart Stand Mixer

Get into the mix. When it comes to stand mixers, KitchenAid knows what they're doing. This mixer features a powerful 250-watt motor, tilt-up head, 10 speed controls, 4.5-qt. stainless steel bowl, and includes a flat beater, dough hook, wire whip and bonus spatula. It can even knead two loaves of bread at once.

  • Powerful 250-watt motor
  • 10 speed controls
  • Tilt-up head
  • Includes a 4-1/2-qt stainless steel bowl
  • Capable of kneading two loaves of bread simultaneously

This will for sure give Santa Claus present options:)
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10 lessons learned in the past month

July 7, 2009

So I think I have figured out a few things already. Not that they are totally right, but it is life.

1. There are magical trolls that live in your house once your married. For some strange reason those trolls feel the need to open cabinet doors and not shut them, they also leave plates out, don't understand how to put things in the dish washer, and leave socks and shoes everywhere.

2. The best way to keep someone from eating your snacks is to eat healthier snacks. No one of the face of the earth{or at least in my family} has ever eaten my hummus, so its a good go-to snack for making sure you have a snack. But at the same time the trolls have a taste for cheese and crackers, even whole wheat crackers...and the "troll" openly expresses his hate for whole wheat, but that hasn't stopped him from gorging int he middle of the night on my semi healthy snacks. Always better to go so healthy its repulsive, its the only way to repel trolls.

3. He didn't ask + you didn't tell = apparent secret, even when everyone else knows it. And going to Chip n' Dales and not telling cause he didn't ask = trouble. It will come back to haunt you one day while swimming at your side kicks house. Even if you thought the whole thing was a big joke you'll still get in trouble.
***They don't get naked like everyone thinks, its like a N'Sync concert but more grinding.

4. The only way to save your pretty little white towels you got at you bridal shower is to make a complete ban of male use of any pretty delicate item living in the house. Even 15 year old Kelly's Kids beach towels should be included in this because someone will have a nose bleed and think shoving your white towel up their nose is the only solution to the situation. This ban includes nearly all but dog bowls, recently the ban was lifted on the "nice" bathroom only because the other one had zero water pressure.

5. If you decided to take his side of the bed and only have one bedside table, he will take it with him. If you move it back he will fuss and move it to his new side again, but only when you aren't around to fuss about it. Don't move the bedside table again, just let him keep it it's not worth it.

6. A tall man and an antique iron bed don't go well together, he is longer than the bed and will always untuck the covers. Eventually you will get sick of making the bed. We are saving up for a king size bed, I think we should just get a mattress big enough to cover the floor.

7. Don't ever start something you don't want to do forever{so says Mom and Nanny}. Don't fix their plate at every meal, don't always get their drink, and don't always go with their flow. They won't starve, they will eventually learn to cook for themselves. You will be taken for granted if you always do everything{I learned this years ago}, if you do everything sometimes they will appreciate it more.

8. If they break their earphones they will take yours, and get mad when you take them back.

9. Don't make comments about the out-laws, it will get you nowhere.

and finally...
10. If they mow the grass so short it dies don't complain because you didn't have to mow it. If you complain it is likely you will have to mow it, and I don't mow grass, so I shut up, and for a few weeks lived with partially dead grass.

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July 3, 2009

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Nothing in the world says summer quite like these three things:

Granted they aren't the actual Debbie's Sno Cones we get in West Monroe, but they are cute. We went this week and I got a cookie dough/chocolate sno cone with extra cream and nearly made myself sick. Back in the spring I got a banana pudding sno cone stuffed with homemade ica cream with extra cream and literally made myself sick.
This is hands down my group of friends go-to tanning product. You can buy it at the dollar store for a few bucks and it will char you to a lovely summer tan/burn. I wore it at the lake the week of the wedding and couldn't get back int he boat because I was so greasy it caused me to keep sliding off the side, luckily my friend Ethan came to my rescue and pulled me in by my life vest{otherwise I would have had to swim back or something}. But all in all I was the most tan/greasy of the group{most people act like I'm insane when I grease up}.
Last but certainly not least is my hands down favorite place to be...Bogue Chitto in Pike County, MS. I have spent countless summers camping and tubing there and have loved every minute of it. Nothing in the world is quite as peaceful/fun as floating down a river in Mississippi all day long. Which might I add is where we are headed tomorrow morning! I can't wait for Jeremy to get off work so we can head to V-town and get ready for our tubing experience this year. Luckily my long time sidekick/MOH is in town to float with me. Because as Jeremy will soon learn, Gabby and I always have fun, and we are usually a handfull...that potentially causes trouble. But that is who we like it.
Ahh all done packing...and ready to leave for heaven/Bogue Chitto.

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{antique shop art project}

July 2, 2009

I have to admit I am bored to tears inbetween summer 1{aka education hell} and summer 2{aka retaking history classes from when I started college}. This "housewife" thing is not for me, I guess it is because my Dad really stressed the inportance of not depending on men{he made he learn how to change tires and oil before I could drive} and I understand it is not like I am just mooching off Jeremy, but due to the grad school set backs{aka tattle tails who care that I skipped class} I just feel like I should be working on something. Oh and don't forget job set backs, I emailed a principal to see if he had made a decision on a job only to find out that a vetern teacher came back {he said he was very impressed with me and would hold onto my resume if something came up, but that doesn't pay the bills}. But anyway here is what I did the other day to take my mind off the stress of school life, not to mention my Pottery Barn catalog came in the mail and gave me tons of ideas.

Honestly nothing in is more fun than wandering around antique stores all afternoon, I just so happened to stumble upon an old cabnit door for $6 and had to have it. This was the first step in making this hunk of junk useful and cute, tapeing off everything that you don't want chalkboard paint on.
This was the second step, spraying three coats of paint on the cabnit door, the can said to do two, but three never hurt. Oh and turns out chalkboard paint int the can is 8 bucks where spray can is only about 3.

Now stripping the tape off, it's time to paint

Finished product, and it actually works. I love monograms, so it is so much fun for me to be able to monogram things now. I am one of those people who look at girls like they are nuts for going by their soon to be husband's name before the "name change" so to uphold my rule of "its tacky to go by Mrs. Blank Blank when your still a Ms. Blank" {sorry recently I have been amazed at women wanting so badly to ditch their name, I've had the same name for 23 years and happen to be one of the last ones who will have this name in our blood line so why should I be so excited to pretend to change it pre wedding} I with held personally monograming things. I've been a C for 23 years, why should I so quickly change to a B in a moments notice. As a side note: it didn't go over well with Jeremy that I wanted to hyphenate my name, I ended up not doing it, but if a girl wants to who cares, it's not 1723 anymore.
But back to the chalkboard...I am still trying to pry the little metal pieces that held it in the cabnit and haven't had an idea good enough to trust it won't break it. But untill then we will admire our chalkborad grocery list/potential calendar/to do list on the counter.
Hopefully tubing this weekend will get all the bitterness/anger out of my system towards school and I will go back to my not as often ranting self.

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