Happy Anniversary Jeremy!

May 30, 2013

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Today, we've been married 4 years.
[photo by Jennifer Lizenby]
It's been an interesting 4 years too. I graduated undergrad & graduate school, Jeremy was accepted into a Specialist program for School Psychology and we moved across the state. The most exciting part of the school adventure is that he just finished up his course work and after he works as a School Psych for this upcoming school year he will get to finally graduate.

[always remember goofy smiles always come back to haunt you when your wife blogs]

This week we both officially got jobs, I say we because we had to go to another parish so that he could get a psychology position, and we also signed on a townhouse! We are all set to move and in 4 weeks will be on yet another adventure.
[hiking in Mt. Pleasant, TN with your Dad -- I had on like 3 pairs of pants]
I don't know if you've noticed this Jeremy, but half of our anniversaries so far have consisted of a big move. Let's not make this a pattern.
[engagement pics by Two Suez]

Then again, there is no one I'd rather be stressed over moving with than him. Granted Jeremy rarely gets stressed, I probably just bug him with my Type A tendencies.

 [honeymoon in the Bahamas]

 [honeymoon at Epcot]

Talking to other girls, married or dating, over the years has made me realize just how great of a guy I have. Yes, we have our moments were we are irritated with each other, but overall everything has been pretty much smooth sailing. We had some bumps at the beginning and the usual throughout the years, but it is nice to be on the same page as someone else about the big things.

Somehow I managed to land a good Godly man who takes me into consideration, and values my opinion. I could never appreciate him enough for his views on women, then again I probably would have never married someone with archaic view points. I've be able to see someone with no free time take the 5 minutes he has and put towards youth ministry. Heck as if our summer wasn't packed enough he decided to take the youth group to a mission camp in Memphis for a week (I'm going too, pray for my sleep lol), and the next week he is directing VBS. Then we move...that Monday.
[the night you left for Africa]

I always tell my mom that if I had an ounce of his stamina and energy I would be set. He is just a naturally driven person, and I really value that in him.
[evening church at Portico after we were engaged that afternoon]
It felt really good the other day, while we were in the personnel office for the second day in a row filling out paperwork, for the personnel director's assistant to stop what she was doing with us and say "Y'all seem to really love each other." So many times people see how we pick with each other and take it the wrong way, it was really nice for someone to validate that we do actually like each other lol.
[Rock City]
So happy 4 years Jeremy, I love you and I can't wait to see the next new few yeas bring. I feel like I should get you a card just so you can have documentation that one of our cards congratulated on 4 years being kid free lol!

[this must have been Christmas 2009]
(It's a long running joke. He always puts "Congrats on ____ years kid free" in all my cards)