winner, winner, chicken dinner!

March 27, 2011

The winner of the Samsung S630 camera is my 4th commenter! 
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And we chat on twitter too! TeaTimeWithTess

Congrats Tess! Send me your info and I'll get the camera shipped out to you asap:)

In other meat-free/man-free this week. I am on spring break at my parent's house and have zero motivation to fight the pudge and stray away from those yummy burgers, fries, and fried onions my Mom made tonight. I'll still eat pretty healthy the rest of the week, but I have no way of planning what I am eating while staying here until Wednesday and then heading down to Thibodaux Wednesday morning to Saturday. I have a feeling I will be doing a man-free/fasting post next week after my South LA stay haha. 

What is your solution for allergy junk? I have tried Sudafed and Chlortrimetion for day, and it is not working. I've been taking Bendaryl at night and it work great, but I can't just sleep all day so that I can breathe. The Oak tree behind my parents house is out for blood and if I keep blowing my nose like this my raw skin will give that evil tree what it's looking for. TMI right? But misery loves its company. Give me your solutions people! I would be gargling with hot salt/red pepper water but Mother dear doesn't have any ground red pepper and this chick isn't about to risk huffing down a red pepper flake. 

Just for fun, I told Joshua bye-bye today and he did this...

{excuse the blurry iphone pic}
He walked straight over to the door and tried to leave. He might not be able to say much but the kid knows what bye-bye is.