meat-free/man-free wk9

March 13, 2011

Let's call this the I am trying to get rid of food edition. As you will see there is nothing interesting going on. I promise next week I am actually cooking. And I am pulling out an old vegetarian recipe I use to make.

whole wheat english muffin w/ egg, soy bacon, and fat free cheese
{Tom's english muffins are really good, skip the Nature's Own, they taste like junk}

apple w/ peanut butter
cheese and crackers

Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Almond Milk

Leftover soup I froze two weeks ago

Now for the late night "I just have to have something sweet" snack-sugar free jello. Yes I know some people can't stand the stuff, but I love it.
By the way, last weeks enchiladas and salad with tomatillo dressing were divine! I had some goat cheese laying around and added it in and it gave them a great flavor.