Why I hate Oak trees, as if Spring wasn't enough of a reason.

March 28, 2011

As though it is not enough for the giant Oak tree out back to unleash hordes of pollen, hence forth turning my shoes yellow while chasing a baby around the back yard for an hour, this right here totally is a good reason to hate it.
While I swept off the back patio in hopes of the Oak tree junk not getting drug into the house by the furry members of the family, the world's dumbest strip of dachshund velcro saw fit to roll around in the mess I swept out of the doorway.

I told Laura to shake her. But it didn't work.

Next thing I knew the baby was covered in the Oak junk too.

Geeze, can't I can't a break?

Let it be known, tomorrow ole Ellard shall be shaved.

And so will Annie (my sister's large strip of doggie velcro).

And then, I will refuse to sweep until the end of spring...no matter how deep the Oak junk gets.
Not really...it will get swept up again and again.