Oh Murphy! Why do you treat me so badly?

March 26, 2011

For quite some time now I have been trying to come up with the title of a post I could do weekly. One that I started that y'all could possibly link up to, because I just love linking up to others and reading the on other blogs. So after a lot of thinking...and I mean this thought has come to mind off and on for months now. I have decided on The Saturday Seven. Every week I might answer 7 questions, link to 7 recipes I love, rant about 7 things, or tell 7 odd stories. Who knows, but there will be 7 and they will occur on Saturday. 

So here is the first attempt at The Saturday 7, after the gobs of Murphy's Law chunked at me lately I feel it very necessary to make this week a post about all of those happenings....some unfortunate, but none the less I have been cracking up at it all. My sister asked me just yesterday "Can you go anywhere in public without something happening to you?" The answer is...apparently not.

Murphy's Law Edition

1. Last week I got a speeding ticket in a school zone, had it been   3 minutes later...and I had not been laughing on the phone with Laura, I would not have had the ticket. Honestly, 3 minutes to 4pm, why couldn't he just let me off the hook!
2. When I called Jeremy to tell him about the ticket he then said "By the way I got one last week coming back to Thibodaux, but I didn't say anything cause I thought you'd be mad...but since you got one..." I literally laughed out loud. I wouldn't have been mad at all, but that fact that he held off until I got a ticket and then saw it okay to out him self, only because I had one, was just hilarious. (you can't get mad if you mess up too, right?)
3. While we were on the phone discussing out stupid tickets Jer was heading to an apartment complex to look around and hopefully find us a place to live. As soon as he turned into the place a guy in a jacked up truck carrying a trailer hit him. {Because everything happens in 3's right?}
4. Well it didn't end there. I then {same day people!} went to Brookshires, I usually go to WalMart but didn't feel like crowd fighting for a potato. As I was checking out I glanced behind me, only to see the #1 ex I try to avoid at the check out behind me. When led to me having to exercise southern manners my Nanny taught me, and say hi back after I was noticed. He tried to strike up a conversation...but I headed for the hills. I was in sheer shell shock, and my never go to Brookshires again. Just my luck that nut ball has moved to the same side of town as me, luckily I know he never shops at WalMart, so WalMart it is for me.
5. I got home the other day to find one of the fabric flowers I made for out wedding that has been attached to a basket for 2 years had been destroyed by a dog. It probably took me 2-3 hours to make that one flower, and they weren't cheap material. Considering it has been sitting there for so long without Maddie touching it it is safe to assume the shedding mongrel that has recently taken up shop at my house did it. Fabric just isn't a texture Maddie eats. Only tissue, cotton, wood, or rubber.
6. Then I got home to find one flip flop sitting on the counter. I searched and searched for the partner flop, but it never surfaced. Until one of the roommates found it in the couch. It had been mauled over in a big way. I would have naturally assumed Maddie did it, and I did, until I saw the teeth marks and the fact that the thong had been chewed off in 3 places. Not the work of Maddie, she typically chews the connecter on the bottom of Old Navy flip flops then realizes what she did and runs for her life. This had huge gashes and was obviously done by a larger beast. Momma B (as my class last year decided to call me haha) don't play the chewing game, vengeance is mine!
7. This is quite the embarrassing doozie. I stopped by our friendly neighborhood slutty panty supplier at the mall on my way out of town yesterday. After roaming like someone unleashed a 12 yr old girl in there (completely embarrassed) a nice lady finally asked if I needed help. When I told her what I was looking for, and my life story, she pointed me in the right direction. {does anyone else feel the need to justify their actions when they enter that store? I told her I was married and everything short of my social security number}Then I asked for something else, and she pointed me in another direction, where all the garments were way above my head. I then stood like 12 yr old attempting to grasp at items I am apparently too short to purchase. If that weren't bad enough, when I went to check out my ex-boyfriend from 8th grade(I don't think he dates girls anymore) popped up from behind the counter and said "Hey Emily!" at the top of his lungs. I almost literally died of embarrassment. 

I honestly cannot go out in public without something happening. Next time I am wearing a disguise. 
How did Murphy treat y'all this week?