bullet points are for the brain dead{2nd edition}

March 16, 2011

  • It is a bullet point kind of day. Considering my lack of blogging this week...it is the only way.
  • For some reason this week is kicking my butt. Monday was crazy as usual, Tuesday we had a parent night and I didn't get home until after 7pm, then I had to turn right back around today and have duty. Tomorrow we are having a half day for inservice...but the bad thing is, I have my last ULM observation. It is bad because I didn't bring home any of my stuff today and can't get my lesson ready or put the junk in my Internship binder that is due for a notebook check tomorrow. Oh joy. I get to wing it like crazy. Say a little prayer for me tomrrow. 
  • I have not been able to sleep to save my life. At first melatonin pills were working, now they aren't. I wake up constantly and feel like I didn't sleep at all when I get up. If you have any solution let me know. I just really don't want to take anything I'd have to see a doctor to get. I really don't like doctors.
  • I just picked out my 6th verse for SSMT. I honestly have no clue how I will keep adding verses and remembering the old ones until January. I couldn't even remember to bring home my lesson plan tonight for Pete's sake! I am bound and determined to actually memorize, even if it means I won't remember something else this year.
  • We took the tater tot to the zoo Saturday. As soon as my sister posts pics I will put them up on the blog too.
  • I gained weight while Jeremy was here. Love him to death but in one day I had KFC and Johnny's pizza. I now have to squeeze out of my doorway and into my pants. 
  • I miss the hubs even though he has that affect on my waistline. I won't be seeing him for the next two weeks and will go down to Thibodeaux for a quick trip to put my application in a few places and beg for a teaching position.
  • We only have 8 1/2 weeks of school left! PTL!
  • Last but not least, I have a little giveaway I am going to be posting as soon as I have the energy to do the post that goes with it. {hint it has to do with the NELA technology fair I went to this month}