growing it out...yet again

March 19, 2011

In my entire hair life I have had the same pattern of happiness and unhappiness. I tend to grow it out super long and then on a whim cut it all off, only to regret it later. 

Example 1: After high school graduation we went swimming and I had in earrings. My hair kept getting stuck in my earrings so I went the next day to chop it all off...and regret it later.

Example 2: Jeremy was gone to Africa for 3 weeks. While he was gone boredom got the best of me and I cut off my super long hair to really short and took out my belly button ring. 

Now for example 3:

Right before Christmas I went to get a trim, well the girl that normally cuts my hair wasn't there and I didn't want to wait so I decided to go with my Mom later and have someone else do it. Instead of just telling her to trim the end I told her to layer it up...big mistake. My already thin hair looked like someone gave me a shag with a bush wacker. My botton layer was super thin and I was sad. So I went back the next day and had her chop it all off. 

Now I am so antsy to get my hair back I am eating baby vitamins like a nut and brushing with a vibrating hair brush to stimulate it to grow back. I can't imagine what short hair will look like under my graduation cap.

Here is a photo collage I put together of the hair progression:
For the record I the initial short cut was dow on 1-23-10. It was growing out fine, but the way my bangs and layers were cut it would start to flip out, and therefore make me put it in a bobby pin like in picture 3.
The hair cut on 2-18 was done by the girl that cuts my long hair and cut it in a way that we could grow it back out easily, with the least amount of awkward. As for yesterday's pic, I like the way the front looks but I didn't realize the back was poofing like that. I blow dry it with a  round brush, maybe I should do it with a smaller brush in the back. Suggestions?

Also in both "cut" pictures the girls who did my hair had straightened the mess out of it, so you can't really tell the length as well compared to how I styled it. Needless to say I am going to get some horse shampoo today to try to make it grow faster. 

What are your hair growth suggestions?