I say tomato, you say bacon fat.

October 3, 2010

Well to start I just made this awesome pumpkin butter from Gina's Skinny Recipes. It seriously taste like pumpkin pie and I can't wait to put it on my nearly burnt toast in the morning.

Now for what you lovely people have heard me talk about since I got married. 

Food disagreements. 

Apparently when I asked God for a Godly husband that wanted to actually "do stuff" I left out that the part about him having a similar diet to mine. Instead I got a naturally skinny person who can run 5 miles and still breathe all while eating the chosen food of Southern Baptists...fried chicken and biscuits. (Name me one funeral/fellowship pot luck where there wasn't fried chicken-when my Granny died we had fried chicken for days)

This week Jer decided he wanted to eat Chicken Parmesan for dinner...I agreed, but only on my usual healthy terms. So we headed off to Wally World on our usual Sunday evening grocery expedition. Now, as you may know Jer has a serious issue (that he should probably seek counseling on) over whole wheat pasta...so I have converted to Smart Taste(most unwillingly) as a marital compromise. Well after grabbing the pasta I picked up some Emeril's Marinara Sauce and suddenly noticed this little darling:
I thought it looked slightly healthy, and interesting...so I was going to add it into the marinara if it looked like we didn't have enough(I am a sauce person, forget the pasta). Well Jeremy didn't feel the same way. Apparently at check out while I was reading a Southern Living (for free) he took it out of the buggy without warning...

...that is until we got to the car. Then he unleashed his unhealthy attitude towards celery and carrots. Apparently he read the label and it listed celery and carrots and that was enough label reading for him. For the next two miles I heard of how it is basically blasphemy to add celery and carrots to pasta sauce. Poor thing just doesn't believe me that celery and carrots are the base for most true Italian red sauces. 

All I could do was laugh at him...and mock him by saying "Heaven forbid your banana comes without bacon fat injected into it!" I love the man, but we do not have diet and exercise in common. 


Which brings me to my next point of the weekend. I think he is trying to kill me.

First he tried to get me a flu shot at Target on Saturday, then after his obvious hate for celery rant on the way home from Death-by-Wal-Mart he wanted to go running. Now I'll do Zumba/dance/walk the dogs/elliptical...but this gal has tried to be a "runner" and this gals body was not made for quick trucking it. Not on solid ground.

Please tell me what I did that is so wrong that my husband would suggest I get a shot and run within 24 hours of each other?!? Is celery and carrots so bad?

***Might I add I wouldn't be so entertained if our disagreements were about serious stuff, but since I find humor in our diet disagreements I hope you do too.