30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 14

October 25, 2010

{A picture you love}

I couldn't decide so I picked the top three.

I like the story behind this one. I am actually horribly shy about kissing in public, so out photog didn't get a pic of kissing...it was that fast. She decided while the guest were walking to the patio we would go take a kissing pic. We also tried to get a pic of my ring bearer Lyndon kissing my on the cheak...all he wanted to do was throw bird seed at me. This is the picture my cousin Brittany got of what was actually going on while attempting to get Lyndon to kiss me haha.


{photo by Jennifer Lizenby}

I love this one because my Nanny spent months telling us not to swing dance for our 1st dance because I would break my neck. I love that Jennifer caught the filp and the expression on everyone's faces as we did it... especially Nanny's. {she sure enjoyed it for all her nagging me about not doing it, I got dropped on my back in her yard btw practicing}

One of my favorite engagement pics by Katie May. Loved doing our engagements!