30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 5

October 16, 2010


I just have one. That I know of. There is a chance there could be more of us but they were lost at WalMart. Just kidding, but my Mom did lose me a few times.
{photo by twosuez.com}

Anyway I have one sister, Laura. We are polar opposite and fought for the better part of our lives. We have recently started to get along much better...but still disagree about a bunch of junk. She was the borderline emo teenager who has anxiety, dates the wrong guys, and has a really good sense of humor. We are seriously either laughing or yelling at each other. No in between. When she was close to giving birth, we were at one of her last appointments and I was cracking jokes at her and making her laugh while they were checking her and the nurse freaked out because she said the head was bulging while she was laughing at me. We now attribute her short labor to the fact we were looking at peopleofwalmart.com the night she went into labor. She literally laughed the baby out. She is a really good mom by the way, I was quite surprised how someone who had never held a baby could be so motherly so quick. 

Love my argumentative sister.