30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 4

October 15, 2010


Love them, when I was a kid I would have traded anything for a Mom that wasn't so involved in school and a Dad that didn't think tickling me until I about peed on myself. Now my Mom is my best friend, and Dad is still Dad. The old guy that gets a kick out of stirring things up and picking on people. Gotta love them though.
{pic circa 1991}

The two "old" people I call parents are Mike and Lisa. My Mom is a assistant principal, who taught 1t grade for years, and my Dad is retired from Angola State Prison. He might not be the tallest old dude ever, but prisoners are scared of him{haha}. Humor has always been big at our house and could sometimes get you out of trouble. Once my Mom told my Dad to spank me {the only time}, he went to pull off his belt so I pulled off mine and said "If you hit me I'm hitting you back." He started laughing so hard he couldn't do it. Mom was definitely the bad guy growing up. 

{ULM graduation May 2009}