Fill in the Blank Friday

October 29, 2010


1.   My Halloween plans this year will include       taking the baby to Trunk r Treat, he is a hotdog & Laura and I are mustard and ketchup    .

2.  My most memorable Halloween costume was   when I was Bell from Beauty and the Beast and Mom tried to make me wear a sweat shirt and pants under my pretty yellow gown. I refused and stubbornly froze my tush off around the block  .

3.  For Halloween this year I'm going to be       mustard, against my will. I look like a jaundice baby that someone needs to drop off at the hospital in yellow    .

4.  I've always wanted to dress up as    a dead bride  .

5.  Halloween free association!      caramel apples, ghost, Hocus Pocus, Rocky Horror Picture Show, candy, black cats, pumpkins .

6.  The worst thing about Halloween is        those dumb high school kids that egged one one year   .

7.  The best thing about Halloween is       the Disney movies: Under Wraps and Hocus Pocus, and all the candy      .