30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 8 & 9

October 21, 2010

Day 8- A picture of your friends

Over time I have developed different groups of friends, some I see often, some I sometimes see, and some I see when they make their way into this state. Old, new, yada yada. 

There are the old friends.
Most of the people in this pic are Vidalia crowd circa kindergarten. Except for Jeremy and Jnathan's little sister...and the people at Ryan's wedding we didn't know. From Jeremy to Travis you have {Jer, Emily, Stephanie, me, Jonathan, & Travis}.

Then there are the other friends you make in elementary school.
{Me, Ryan, & Britt}
I met Ryan in kindergarten and Britt the first day of 2nd grade.

You also tend to add to that group in high school. Some of which agree to be in your wedding, others are blood related;)
{Brandi, Laura, me, Gabby, & Britt}
My loving sister, always one to ruin a pic, squeezed the mess out of me...as you can tell.

You also meet people while you are working at a restaurant in college.
They also come to your wedding.
{Me, Bekah, Anna, & the one I didn't meet at a job...Binkly}
Luckily those Presbyterian's know how to party....poor Binkly is a Baptist and is attempting like the rest of us to dance.

Then you meet people after the wedding in your first experience with a couple's Sunday School class.
{us with our friends Lara and Cole + her sister and friends & TFK at a TFK concert}

Not to leave out the ones you have tried to sell to passer's by for a quarter, but you know how that goes.
The God given friend who you are stuck with no matter what, who also happens to have a thing for ruining pictures....my sister Laura.
{wedding pics were hijacked from our photog Jennifer Lizenby's Facebook}


Day 10- Something you're afraid of.




Driving at night.

Big dogs that are unpredictable.

Not graduating or having a job.



5th Graders


Need I continue with this?