30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 7

October 18, 2010

{Favorite Movies}

Easy peasy. I tend to not remember movies to save my life. I also am very traditional with my movies, as in I have to watch the same thing on certain holidays.

1. Rock Horror Picture Show
Don't ask me why but I love some Tim Curry! Even in drag I think he is sexy, especially that accent. Love some British men. I can quote and sing along with this whole vulgar movie;)

2. Hocus Pocus
I have loved Sara Jessica Parker since I was a kid.


Obsessed with the Beatles. Enough said.

4. Sex and the City the Movie/and the show
Once again, love some SJP.

These are movies I have actually stayed awake through haha.Oh and I almost forgot one

5. It
This movie is actually #3 on my must watch Halloween list. The other two are at the top.