Winter Gardening in the Deep South

February 1, 2019

Y’all, Zone 9 might be my least favorite zone of all. 
When I think of gardening, my absolute dream is something around Tennessee or slightly farther north. I just imagine all the goodies Amish women plant throughout the year. I also tend to fantasize about winter gardens simply because the upkeep is much lower than your summer garden. 
Summer gardens tend to equal pest control, bugs galore, constantly weeding, and never enough water in Zone 9. 
Hence my love for winter gardening in our planting zone. 

I recently shared my favorite things about winter gardening in South Louisiana, over on the Lafayette Mom’s Blog. I’d so love for you to head over there and read all about what veggies I plant this time of year and why winter is the best in Zone 9 (and I'd love it if you left a comment) .