February 12, 2019

I use to do these every month and somehow forgot about them. Then I saw a blogger friend post hers and had to jump back onto the wagon. There's nothing more fun for a blogger than an old school link up.

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ANTICIPATING | I'm seriously looking forward to our camping trips this year. In April we are headed to Austin to camp at McKinny Falls State Park. This is in essence our 10th anniversary trip, but with kids in tow. Send me all your food recs, I'm hoping to hit up a BBQ, Mexican, and then of course Voodoo Doughnuts. Maybe even a coffee shop in there too. We've only got two full days so only one of them will be in town, and we will be as fat as cows by the evening.

GOING | To the grocery store? Yeah we aren't doing all that much between now and Easter.

MAKING | I made Euna Mae's Poppy Seed Chicken this week, it's a fam favorite. This is one of those for the recipe box.

WATCHING | Victoria on PBS. It's my favorite period drama since Downton ended, gotta love Masterpiece. Hint... since we cancelled cable and I'm just not down with paying $60 for a PBS subscription for the year for one show... you can pay per month (like 5 bucks) on Amazon Prime for a subscription to Masterpiece.

WEARING | Old Navy Compression Leggings. Nothing, I repeat nothing, has come between me and this legging. Seriously. I've tried others and nothing compares. I even sported their maternity version all though pregnancy. They're soft, they hold everything on earth in, and they are thick as can be.