Happy 4th Birthday Harry!

February 28, 2019

This year Jeremy wanted to go all out, since it is very possible that we will move before he turns 5. So we threw the goofy little thing a party at The Little Gym, and he absolutely loved it. 

He adored the balloons, the turtle cake he kept asking for, and ran around like a wild man. My favorite part though has to be how much he loved everyone singing to him. He sat there so patiently waiting to blow out his candles. 

Being a kid who cried every time someone sang "Happy Birthday" I really like living through him on this. 

3 was a fun age, granted it was full of a terribly independent child who wants to have his way. But he is incredibly sweet and loving. 

We even started making headway on potty training this fall. 

His favorite things at the moment are slime, Legos, play food, and playdoh. He loves to read and is obsessed with The Gruffalo series and We're Going on a Bear Hunt. At night Harry makes his Daddy play "bear hunt" with him. Some nights he still works in his game of "Big Bad Wolf." 

His favorite foods are definitely pizza and ice cream. 

But I can get him to eat a snack plate with apples and cheese, he will also eat rice and gravy, grilled cheese, green beans, and basically whatever his beloved Mrs. Tammy makes him. 

This boy has a delicate little heart and it makes fussing at him so hard. For instance, I (in the nicest voice ever) got onto him for pouring water out of the tub and told him not to do it again. His eyes immediately welled up with tears and said "I sorry Mama." 

 Really though, he is a funny, spirited kid. He has boundless energy and as long as he's well fed he is happy and outgoing.

After telling everyone at his party "thank you for coming" he continued it and then told everyone at church the next day.

But what more can you ask for, a naturally sweet child. There can't be more than that.