Elliot - 3 Months Old

February 8, 2019

Who finally got their child's monthly photo taken? This mama! 

Never mind that he's propped up in a Mamaroo because flat laying 3 month olds don't photograph well. 

Elliot's Current Stats:
❊ Age – 3 months old
❊ Weight & Height – I'll update after his next appointment!  
❊ Eat – He eats well and clearly well enough that he will nap and sleep at night. However I am thinking about starting to pump during the day, when I normally pump at work.I find he makes my supply drop on the weekends. I never would have done that with Harrison... but I really want to keep my supply as high as it's been without having to down supplements. 
❊ Sleep – He started trying to push his night feeding back to 4am instead of 3am. Actually (as I type this) last night I woke him up at 4:14am. It doesn't bother me that he is waking up once at night simply because I'd rather nurse then than pump. Now, he's been in the Rock n' Play, we had a minor stint in the bassinet that was interrupted by a Wonder Week Leap, but as soon as the leap is over it's back to the bassinet. I'm wanting to make a baby nest and wean him from the RNP that way.

❊ Recent Milestones – Elliot has started blowing bubbles and making more sounds when he coos. He also holds his head up just a bit higher when he does tummy time. He is also Curious George, a friend called him this a few weeks ago and it has become quite evident that he is into seeing what everyone is doing. The silly little thing will go out of his way to make eye contact with you and then smile and giggle his heart out once you talk to him. He's a flirt. 
❊ Special Moments – I heard cackling the other day while Elliot was in the swing, he was laughing at Harrison who was talking to him through some voice changer toy he got for Christmas. Harrison also spends a lot of time saying "how cute" Elliot is. Poor child will be called Baby Elliot most of his life.

❊ Mama’s Experience – This was a great month minus the WW Leap. He cried a bit more and was harder to comfort... but that was considered a good day for Harrison. If I can just get him weaned from the RNP I'll be a happy woman. He can't very well go to college in this thing. Lucky for me he gets practice sleeping flat at the sitter.
❊ Comparison – Well things have surely changed... they don't look anything alike.