I Heart Pinterest Wednesday!

April 30, 2014

Something tells me the next few weeks will last a little longer than usual wish school coming to a close for the year. 

Too bad Pinterest doesn't work at work. Dang blockers ruining all the good educational websites! Of course my students need to learn how to make random things and wreathes this month. 

Oh well, let's just talk about what I've been pinning at home. 

First up, my favorite breakfast aside from hard boiled eggs. Now that I'm looking at the picture I really wish I had some keifer on hand. 

I'm always pinning kombucha recipes, this summer I am going to vow to finally make one! 

When I saw this I immediately needed to find a way to make it, it's absolutely perfect! 

I'm going to be making these soon, no matter how much Jeremy doesn't like me making "kid food" for dinner. 

I know you've seen me post about my door, but this is the perfect excuse to salvage yet another door. 

I did a 30 day squat challenge back in February, and I have to say it showed some results. Even though I was forgetting to do them until I was getting ready for bed and forced myself to take off my makeup while doing squats... it still worked. 

While Jeremy isn't as easily entertained, my sister and I love this sort of thing. This particular one I'm sure will make her laugh! 

More makeup contouring! I can't get enough of it, and I seriously need to motivate myself to do some sort of eye makeup everyday to match my now pretty complexion. 

DIY baby moccasins! Now I have to learn to sew. 

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