a little life update.

April 8, 2014

I have way more that I'd like to share, but will have to wait until the end of the school year to talk about it.

As far as my Dad and cancer goes... we finally got a diagnosis.

Stage 3 Non Specific Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck

From what I gather from talking to Mom is that it is mainly lingering in the lymph nodes of his neck. We were really expecting the doctors to come back and say lung cancer, so this was actually on some level a relief.

He is having a port put in today, and will start Chemo very soon, and radiation sometime afterwards.

I haven't been able to go home since Mardi Gras, and since then I am hearing that Dad's neck is much more obviously swollen from the cancer. According to his doctor though that should all go down as treatment progresses.

I'm just really happy that the doctor thinks he will still feel well enough to do his regular activities during treatment. I was the most excited that he can still go to Puerto Rico.

After this spring... we are all going to need a nice little vacay.


I'm going back to school starting this summer to get certified in Special Education. 

After 5 years as a classroom teacher I am looking for a nice change and I think being a Resource teacher would give me what I'm looking for. 

My main complaint in the classroom is that if I don't have children that have "minutes" I am essentially working alone all year. The years I've definitely enjoyed the most have been where I was able to work together with another teacher and team teach. 

I live by the idea that two heads are better than one, and that someone has done it longer than I have and knows better. 

I want to be able to go into a classroom and not only work with the Special Ed. students, but take the opportunity to work with the teachers. It really frees the teacher up when someone else is in their taking a small group. 

Behavior is better.

Grouping is better. 

All around, two teachers are better than one. 

Plus I like the idea of pull children out to work specifically on their school needs. Since I haven't done this I definitely don't have a clear picture of what it looks like, but I'm excited to learn. 

Here's the only kicker with Sped....are you ready?

I have to take 3 Praxis tests.  

As of now I haven't seen a timeline on it like I did when I was getting my Master's, so I am hoping to take them when I am nearly done with all of my courses. 

Now for the long term, shot in the dark, dreaming side of this Sped certification >>> if we are thinking solely long term I would like to eventually get certified as an Educational Diagnostician and/or get a Specialist in Special Education. 

Something tells me kids might get in the way of that, or even better I might like being in Resource so much that I never want to leave it. 

So that's a little bit of an update, that isn't a weekly recap type of update. I feel like where life is right now deserves a little more talking posts, it'll be good to write where I'm at and look back at it ages from now. 

God has definitely been answering some prayer requests on the job front and by my father not having some insanely hard to treat and recover from cancer. We know that what he has is a reoccurring type, but it's treatable and that's what matters. Plus, in the event he ever decides he's done with treatment I'll just move back in with my parents and force some good ole bossy Emily guilt on the man.