High Five for Friday

April 25, 2014

Friday is upon us, which is good in a normal week... but it means Spring Break is coming to a close.

At least we are only 3 weeks to Jeremy's graduation and 4 from school being totally out!

On a side note: if this post is misspelled half to death please forgive me, spell check isn't working out well and I typed it up pretty quick like:)

This has been a running around week for sure. After church Sunday we headed to North Louisiana from Easter Lupper (because 4 is too early for supper but too late for lunch), notice the lovely large hair with my new dress. I seriously wish we were that couple that had pictures with each other from everything. Jeremy gets up at the crack of dawn for Praise Team rehearsals and what not and this girl just don't jive with that.

While we were in West Monroe with my in-laws I snuck away with my sister-in-law Amber to the gym a few times. Luckily we are both Anytime members, not so lucky that the gyms in North LA are a lot more updated than what we have around the Lafayette area. I love Fitness OnDemand, but we don't have the Zumba dances back home. So I dance my heart out and took advantage of the situation.

I've been seeing a ton of people post about a new restaurant in West Monroe called Latin Food. You seriously have to go if you're ever in town, it's right past the Duck Commander store. I didn't notice it until this time, but I've been driving past that Duck Commander store for years now and had no clue where it was. Needless to say since the last time I made it into town they've made it a lot easier to locate the place, as in DC has bought out everything they could that's close to the store. Back to Latin Food though, it's all Honduran with Cuban coffee. I had nearly died and gone to heaven, a good friend of mine growing up is Honduran and I spent quite a bit of time at their house eating, so you can imagine it was nice to get to eat like that again!

We got back to V-town Wednesday afternoon since Dad had another surgery yesterday. This time it was to scope and biopsy down his throat. They took his left tonsil, and biopsied his tongue, and several spots on the nasal pharynx. We are hoping this allows the doctors to locate a primary site for the cancer, the whole point of locating it is to be able to be super precise with the radiation when it starts. As of right now it sounds like they are wanting to start radiation while chemo is still happening. I hadn't seen Dad since Mardi Gras and I can tell you one thing, you can look at him and tell what side the cancer is on. His entire left side of his throat and face are swollen. We were assured yesterday that the swelling will go down when chemo starts and the facial swelling is due to capillaries being compressed from the cancerous lymph nodes.

After setting Dad up with a protein shake and eating dinner, Jeremy and I headed out with Pop to hear a Doo Wop group called the Alley Cats. They were great, and it was hilarious to see the older women getting all excited about a few songs. If you haven't been to a concert that the Concordia Parish Library puts on and you live in the area I highly suggest you go. I went to every one of them while growing up, my grandmother worked at the Library, and always loved it. If anything it's a great way to expose your children to a variety of music.

We are headed back home early tonight, Jeremy had band practice tomorrow morning. Boo! Joshua told Jeremy yesterday that he wanted us to move in with them for 10 years, as you can tell someone loves his uncle. The boy has begged me to sleep in bed with us the whole time we've been here and follows Jeremy everywhere he goes when we're here.

How's y'all's week been?