High Five For Friday

April 11, 2014

What are we at now? 

25 work days until summer. 

I can totally deal with that. 

1. The older Ellie gets the more walking her is a chore, this week I drug her out only to spend the entire mile pep talking her like I was Jillian Michaels and promising treats when we got home. Old girl is a hot mess for sure!

2. It's been state testing week, and I can say I've survived! The kids are going stir crazy, and spring is in the air, so we can only count down the year from this point on.

3. Somehow I managed to grab a bad package of Chicken at Walmart the other day and have been regretting it since Wednesday night. I knew when I took that bite I should have spit it out, but I didn't want to gross out my students so I begrudgingly swallowed the mess. I think I gave myself some milk salmonella poisoning and have been regretting that decision every minute of the day. Just a little FYI if you've never had food poisoning, I've had it at least twice that I can recall, don't take Pepto or anything like that. It's best to just stay hydrated and let it pass.

4. We've been going to a small group on Thursday nights and they've been reading Mere Christianity, I say 'they' because I had yet to read it. This week I finally decided to catch up and actually really enjoyed the chapters I've read so far. Granted I like the ones I haven't heard anyone already discuss better, some of them seemed a little redundant after having heard everyone talk about it.

5. Chemo is still being put off until they can locate the origin of the cancer. We all wish it would just get going, but my poor ole daddy is having to have another scope. We are very much alike on going to the doctor only when limbs are visibly falling off, so I can promise you he's been to the doctors more since February for this than he's probably ever been in his life. The man's getting irritated from what I gather. Hopefully they'll get the info they need to move along with treatment very soon so he can feel like something is actually being done and all the doctors in town aren't just stabbing at him with needles and charging his insurance half to death.

What has everyone else been up to this week?