High Five For Friday

April 4, 2014

This week couldn't end faster. 

LEAP testing is upon us and after quite of bit of test prep I'm ready to fall over. 
Which obviously means the kids were ready to do the same a few days ahead of me. 

High Five For Friday

1. I go the chance to be a DNow leader this past weekend. Granted I'm over the normal age of one - I really did enjoy myself. I probably wasn't the best one they had, but it made me get out of my comfort zone. I've always been a little anxious about praying out loud in groups, but luckily I had a group of girls who happened to have the same anxieties... so it gave me more reason to come out of my nervous shell. It was fabulous, really, and the group of girls I had made for some great conversation that probably hid the fact that my teaching skills were shot after a week of test prep at work lol!

2. Saturday afternoon the DNow groups were challenged to do service projects, last year it was Random Acts of Kindness, and this year was the same with a slight twist. Our theme was Believe with a Big Foot-ie-ness to it so the kids had to do their RAOK without anyone seeing them do it. My girls came up with some great stuff, we left quarters at laundry-mats, quarters anywhere someone would actually need some with sweet notes and scripture, we made toiletry bags and left them on door steps in the bad part of town, and my favorite was when we were all dead tired and they suggested we give the rest of our money to a clerk at Goodwill to pay for someone's purchases. We hung around there a bit longer than we should have looking at wedding dresses, but the manager came up to them and told the girls how she didn't think people in the world were that kind anymore and was so grateful. It makes me tear up thinking about what she said to them. ----- Oh and then we celebrated not being caught by another group with snow cones (because we were trying to get photos of other groups doing their activities).

3. I had a little naive teacher moment and brought shaving cream to school to practice their Spelling words, it's been a long few weeks and they needed something fun. I should have prepared myself better for the chaos that is 4th graders with shaving cream. I didn't give them the cans, but they got as messy as someone who had been given it.

4. I've been doing the Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down all week and went out with a bang Sunday night by buying the huge Reese's after grocery shopping. The Slim Down is going well... the creeper who watched me take a selfie at the gas station was slightly annoying.

5. Who else eats breakfast in the car? Am I the only reckless breakfast eating driver?