I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

February 5, 2014

Let's do something we haven't done here in a long time... talked about my favorite non-food pins. 

First up, have you seen this Herringbone Quilt tutorial? I am dying to make a quilt and this particular one makes me want to finally bite the bullet! 

My lovely blogger friend over at A Dollop of My Life shared a great photography tutorial, I love the editing she does on her photos. 

I've been pinning DIY pins of this manner for years, and let's just say Mr. Jeremy better get ready. When we finally buy a house I am doing this to some unsuspecting room. 

I've been curious to try the Oil Cleansing Method, has anyone ever done this before? 

I love this hairstyle and have tried it a few times, the only issue I run into is that my hair isn't thick. How on earth does someone get that texture? 

We'll call it Pinterest done for now, I just realized I've been browzing for 15 minutes and haven't added anything to this post ha! Until next Wednesday... I may make a thing of this.