I Heart Pinterest - Valentine Gift Ideas

February 12, 2014

With it being V-Day week let's talk gift ideas, whether they be bought or made, they're all coming from Pinterest. 

First up, men, you can't go wrong with a good monogramed planner. It isn't so far into the year that it's not doable.

This name may make you giggle, so let's get it out of the way quick. Balls of Steel.

Have you heard of them?

For my own personal ice hating self this is a great concept, steel marbles that serve the purpose of cooling your drink without the watery issue. They are marketed for drinks like whiskey, but I think they would be great for anything. Lemonade? Yes. Water? Yes. Is it liquid? Then let's not make it watery with ice.

If your loved one is Instagram obsessed this is a great homemade gift idea >>>

I've professed my love for this lid, if you have a mason jar addict in your life this would make them just plain giddy. Especially if they are in the canning part of mason jar hoarding and just have tons laying around.

This is a personal favorite. You can buy them at most florists now, but why do it when you can make it for less!

Finally, a tried and true gift that's always a winner, a love note. I would much rather have some good quality time and a nice note any day of the week. Even men love words of affirmation. Plus it's nice to come across these old notes years later when you aren't having the best day.

delovely details's pin on Pinterest.

What are your favorite V-Day gift ideas?