High Five for Friday

February 14, 2014

Oh this week couldn't end fast enough, and for a change I wasn't envying the snow day in north LA. The last thing we need are added school days ha! 

1. I've picked up doing Ultimate Yogi again, call it my "oh crap I'm getting old yearly thing." In case you were wondering, yes I am getting old. In a little over a week we are edging just a tid bit closer to 30. Ellie on the other hand feels that I need more toys while doing yoga, she happily shared her cow with me the other day.

2. The African Children's Choir came to our church and performed Sunday night. They were great, but I couldn't get over Jeremy's reaction to them the entire concert. I could totally see him wanting to go back to Africa the whole time. The first year we were dating he actually went to Africa for 3 weeks on a mission trip with the ULM BCM. While it would be hard to get me to go somewhere that requires shots, after hearing his stories I would have gone in a heart beat. Needless to say if you ever see me post that we are dropping everything to be overseas missionaries don't be surprised ha! I could totally see Jeremy doing it.

3. Jeremy went running the other day and Ellie sat on the couch waiting on him to come back. Only one issue, I've never seen her sit with her legs like this. Have we hit the lazy old doggie stage?

4. Cookie dough. I am determined to get it perfect. The flavor was spot on, but I cooked it at too low of a temp, which too it too long to cook, hence they didn't spread out right. Tonight I'm making more and getting it right this time!

5. Last year Jeremy surprised me by getting us both new bibles, the ESV study bible by the way, and wrote the sweetest note in mine. I'm the type who has to have a bible cover, I'm a hoarder and this is the only way I don't lose things. Well a few months, or maybe more, I found a hot pink canvas case that was actually large enough to fit my massive bible... well I finally got it monogramed like I planned to do. I started to do a black monogram because of the zipper and tag on the cover, but the girls at the monogram place convinced me to go teal. Gotta say I love it! I was afraid it would be too much, but it works. Not exactly the font I wanted, but the one I was going for wasn't an option.


Oh and if you haven't checked out these two recipes you totally should. This week I posted my grandmother's Buttermilk Brownies and a really yummy Paleo Chocolate that's only 3 ingredients (that you probably already have).

Last but not least, check out my Suave Professionals Moroccan Oil Lotion & Dry Oil review for a chance to win $1000:)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!