Random Facts About Me On A Wednesday

January 29, 2014

With it being the 3rd snow day in a 7 day period, (holy sleet-pocalypse Louisiana!) I thought I'd do a little "things you may not know about Louisiana Bride" post.

We have some new friends around here, so pour yourself some coffee and let's chat.

Little Known Facts About Emily

1. It's well known in the family... but I am deathly afraid of lizards and snakes. I have grown to tolerate frogs, but I can't for the life of me touch them. Something about the way snakes and lizards move is just unnatural and being bitten by a snake is a huge fear. Not due to the pain, but the way they look when they bite. No ones jaw should unhinge like that.

2. I had an emergency appendectomy when I was 5. Good ole fashion scar to prove it, none of those tiny dots people sport these days. It basically came about because of my love for wandering around barefoot, home girl got pinworms. My appendix was absolutely full of the little boogers according to the doctor. You might ask yourself how I could possibly remember it at such a young age? There is absolutely no way anyone could forget how they check for that problem. Hence my vivid memory of my entire hospital stay.

3. My immediate family and really close friends (growing up) never called me Emily. I wasn't Emily until I got to college. I was known as Emma. Truth be told, I've never heard my father or sister call me Emily. I was called Tyrone for a stint, but never Emily. I did recently hear my father calling my nephew Tyrone as well, apparently it's how he shows love. (I'm guessing lol)

4. I love cold weather. The colder the better. Seriously. Blame it on the fact that I fight sweating like a man during the Spring/Summer months. Either way, I love some freezing temps.

5. I sleep with 5 pillows, 3 blankets, and an eye mask every night. If Jeremy isn't home I sleep with 6 pillows. I basically have to be in a cocoon to sleep well, something has to be touching me on all sides and I need a heavy weighted feeling from blankets. This behavior isn't new, my mother claims I did this within minutes of exiting the womb. I have a scar on both big toes that I created trying to move to the end of the incubator as soon as they stuck me in there. There are pictures to prove this weird baby behavior too.

6. I do squats in the bathroom while taking off my makeup. Jeremy doesn't know this, he just always asks what's taking me so long. I think it's weird to admit, so I just haven't.

7. I have a life goal to eat McDonald's in every country I ever visit. So far I've hit up England and Italy, Italy being the better. When we go to Puerto Rico I plan to hit up some Micky Dee's there too. I've always loved McDonald's though, as a kid I told my mother I wanted to work there so I could give people Happy Meals and make them happy. No lie though, their fries make me happy.

8. On the line of the Golden Arches... I thew up in a urinal in the men's bathroom at McDonald's in Trafalgar Square in London when I was 14. I couldn't quit puking though, every time I looked up I would see the nasty urinal and it would make me gag again. Air sickness is an issue for me. Now that I know it I wear Sea Bands when I fly.

9. We cut our honeymoon short because I was sick of riding in the car. It was a big road trip, mainly because we were supposed to be going to Florida for a wedding the week after ours and they cancelled it after we paid for everything. After a few days I was done and didn't make it to Savannah for the last few days of the trip. I still want to eat at Paula Dean's restaurant.

10. In line with wedding things, the chef that owns the plantation home we were married at and catered the wedding use to cater for the Rolling Stones when she lived in L.A.. Her son's God-Father is actually my favorite actor ever (Tim Curry) and when he and my sister were dating I bugged the tar out of her all the time to find out who was over there! She's friends with a ton of big name celebrities though has has lived my dream life of being a chef and going to cooking school in France though.

What's something random about you? Share and let's chat in the comments today:)