A Waterfall, an Amish Village, and a Photo Dump

January 9, 2014

Over Christmas break we headed out to Tennessee to visit with my in-laws. 

I absolutely love being out at their house and am super sad that this is actually the last time we will probably be going there before they move closer to us. Which is a big yay, but I seriously will miss where they lived in Mt. Pleasant. 

The pics I took are from there house, the waterfall by their house, and my attempt at the Amish Tour... turns out they wouldn't even let me photograph their houses. 

I really had no plans to photograph them at all. 

But anyway...

Since I have a ton of photos, we are just doing a photo dump today. Enjoy! 

Every time I walk past here I'd like to think someone was making moonshine. Then again I'd just really like to know how old this fireplace is and who on earth lived way out here.

This is the point in the program where Emily was told to ditch the camera. I was sad, but I couldn't risk being run down by an Amish man in a buggy.

The community that lives near my in-laws are considered Old Order Amish, which basically means super strict.

I wish I would have thought about what I was wearing before we left, the fleece lined running leggings weren't exactly the best choice to make friends in.

Next time I'll know better.

Then again even if they have moved and we get pregnant I still want to go to The Farm for at least one prenatal care visit.

There is just something interesting about legit hippies and a town with more Amish then English.