2013 Year in Review

January 2, 2014

Let's do this Instagram style and see what really happened all year long.


Maddie took up reading, she was previously known for watching TV.

 A little person I know got cake wasted and turned 3.

Maddie took to practicing yoga for her New Year's Resolution apparently.


Maddie Moo died, and the vet sent the sweetest card. That was about the most meaningful thing anyone could have done.

Dealing with puppy grief was less than stellar. It took Ellie quite awhile to get back to eating and functioning as usual.

I also had a birthday this month, Pop (the master of red velvet cakes) couldn't see me on my bday so he took a pic of the cake he made for me and emailed it to me. Hands down my favorite email ever!

Laura surprised me with a new puppy too:)


We didn't do a whole lot this month, Rudy apparently behaved a bit.

I did happen to find something Jeremy wrote under our table when we were finishing it after we were first married. 


In true south Louisiana weather fashion, I took the puppy for a walk which ended in a swim.

We LEAP tested and started all the fun that comes with ending the school year. Had I known I would never see a planning period again I would have loved it more.

Oh, and Jeremy's sister got married.


This month we hit up the beach... super classy.

We went to the zoo, and I even found a banana stand... it was not however owned by the Bluthe's.

We even celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by hitting up NOLA and finally eating at Emeril's.

Lest we forget... we also got jobs for Jeremy's internship year. 


We had a really classy going away dinner at Waffle House with our friends.

I was part of 5 Minutes for Mom's first intern team! 

We also took the youth group to camp for the first time and Jeremy worked his tail off on VBS.


I wandered around the Natchez Trace with the kiddo. 

We moved to a new city, and held an intervention for Rudy. He will be on the next season of Hoarders Buried Alive for his toy hoarding tendencies. 


I baked cupcakes for my old man's birthday. 

We went to a sketchy fair, and I won front row seats at Living Proof Live Shreveport! 


My cousin's wife had a baby! 

I also went to the Beth Moore Simulcast with some good friends.

Jeremy and I even had a food truck date:)


Attended my first blog conference!

Oh and I also did a week of Whole 30 before needing some legit coffee creamer ha! 


We chaperoned a youth trip to YEC, and oh it was nice to be back hanging out with a youth group again! 

Jeremy played music at the Chili Challenge with the church praise team. 

November was also apparently the month of cooking and cleaning. I swear we are just soooo interesting.


We visited Jeremy's Dad in Tennessee and hiked out butts off. 

Looked at Christmas lights...

... and did some Christmas shopping.