Five on Friday

January 10, 2014


I found a new breakfast shake love... and it saves me time getting ready in the morning.


I actually prefer the Vanilla, for some reason I am never partial to the chocolate in premade shakes. I really want to try their Cappuccino next week.


Aside from planning periods being my favorite thing, this new desk calendar from Wal-Mart is amazing. I even opted for a day planner from the DaySpring line they are carrying.

It's missing the month view I like, but for 8 dollars it was well worth it.


Sunday night I made this Kevin & Amanda Ice Cream recipe.

Put it in coffee... with a little caramel...



Obviously this dog wasn't feeling well Wednesday night.

I bathed her and she insisted she be carried around like a baby.

Yesterday morning I got up to find out why she felt bad, homegirl thew-up on the couch twice... one of those being in between the cushions. Then I noticed she pooped all over the living room.

Then the worse part... any dog owners frequent dogs that eat things that aren't edible... and don't totally pass?



Last but not least!

My favorite little dude is turning 4 today!

How in the world has it been for years since we were all distrubed from our sleep at midnight to watch you make your crazy speedy appearance? Being that he is the only baby I will probably ever cut the cord on, carry around the hospital nursery (before anyone else held him, including his momma), and get to experience all these firsts while still getting my sleep makes him an extra special little human to me.
By the way if you're ever looking for a photog in Louisiana... Katie from Two Suez took this pic:) She is definitely a favorite photographer of mine.


Oh and a recipe of mine was included in the new Clean Eating Survival Guide Breakfast eCookbook, head over and check it out! Louisiana Bride readers can use the code "instagramspecial" and get the cookbook for $7.95.