High Five For Friday

January 24, 2014

Today is a true High Five for Friday!

We are having what I'm deeming a Cajun Snow Day, weather below 60 and rain.

It's 30, but raining... and not a thing else ha!

1. Jeremy finally had to buy us a new grill. I'm the actual griller at our house, and the handle has been wonky for ages... but I can deal with that. The issue came when our poor rusted out grill top nearly hit the ground after I opened it and the solo rusty nail holding it together gave way. It was quite comical had you seen it.

2. On another note, taking me out on a Friday night is less than fancy. After a long week I'm more of a minimal make-up, hipster glasses, boyfriend jeans, monogramed tee, sports bra, and comfy jacket kind of girl. I think somewhere around 25 I quit wanting to dress up to go everywhere, it just isn't worth it.

3. Banana Pudding. If you didn't see this weeks recipe for it you need to go here. I used it as my cheat meal this week and it was totally worth every bite.

4. Have you heard of Cuppow yet? I love their lids, and my mother knowing how much I like this sort of thing hooked me up at Christmas with several of their products. We also did a two day juice cleanse where these came in handy. On the juicing note, it really helped to kick out my carb/sugar cravings before starting a 33 day Primal/Paleo diet that is set to end right before my birthday. I'm loving Primal so much that I'm tempted to stick with this for good, some of Paleo restricts things that are just a little much for me. Primal allows me to have a little organic heavy cream in my coffee and we instantly became best friends. I'm mainly just using this as an easy way to monitor carbs:)

5. Last night I made one of my favorite Nom Nom Paleo dishes, Deconstructed Samosa and had a bunch of leftover coconut milk. Do y'all have any ideas on what I should do? I normally make a double batch of Samosa and just just her recipe in half yesterday.

So help me out, what are your favorite healthy things to do with coconut milk?