Midweek Randoms

September 4, 2013

Today should be a Insta-Video link up, but I've video-less and in the mood to chat. Plus I haven't done that in awhile, so link up with In This Wonderful Life and pull up a chair.

It's a bullet post kind of Wednesday y'all! 

- Now this might tick a few people off, but I'm just being honest. For the first time in ages I feel like I'm home. I always felt very at home in Monroe, but for some reason Thibodaux never felt like home. Maybe it's because I knew we would be leaving in two years the moment we moved there. Now that we are somewhere that will be a done deal unless something crazy happens, it's been easy to get emotionally settled. Especially with the thought of house hunting (or building as I'd like to do) in the next year. Praise the Lord we are at the end of graduate school, I never thought I'd see the light. 

- Labor Day weekend was nice and relaxing like I wanted it to be. We are always on the run so having nothing to do Monday was glorious! 

- Sunday we joined a Highland Baptist and we couldn't be happier. I was so excited when Jeremy said he was ready to join. I love that before I could hunt out friends a group of girls approached Jeremy about me going to Women of Faith with them. Since then we've had a chance to hang out with a few people and it's been so fun. They are seriously the kind of friends you feel like you've known forever. Is it weird that that's how I pick friends? Seriously, our other two close couple friends are the same way. 

- Y'all our school schedule is nuts. I have one 30 minute planning period, we start class at 8:30am and I don't get home until after 4pm. Totally different from the hour planning I'm use to with the 3:30 teacher dismissal. Maybe I just need to takes some friend's advice and start working out at 5am so I feel like I have more of an afternoon. 

- With the end of the graduate school budget I've resubscribed to my Birchbox. Whoop whoop! Nothing says you're crawling out of the black hole like a $10 box of beauty samples every month. Jeremy thinks it's ridiculous, I think it's snail mail heaven. Then again I get excited about the coupons in the mailbox on Wednesday, anything in that box makes me happy.

- Have I said how much I love stand-up comedy? Well I do, and I'd have a lot more to write if Jeremy wasn't watching something right now and making me lose my train of thought. 

- This is totally random. A friend from my hometown sent me this pic on Twitter yesterday. She had found it at her grandmother's house and thought it looked like me, so she asked if it was my mom. Turns out her grandmother was my mother's DECA teachers in the 70's. This pic also totally explains why older women always say I look just like my mom. Like seriously, a lady at our new church (that I actually grew up with at church in Vidalia) who's in her 90's asked me if Lisa was my mother. What do y'all think?

- In case you didn't know, Blissdom is done. I was a little sad, I've been planning to go for a few months now and was just waiting on sign-ups to start. Big bummer. Now I'd like to figure out where everyone is going this Spring/Summer for about the same price and go too. If y'all have any suggestions let me know! 

So tell me, are you going to a blog conference this year?