Insta-Video Wednesday

September 11, 2013

Happy Hump Day! 

To celerate link up your Instagram videos from the past week! It's super easy, either blog your videos and embed the codes or simply link up your actual account. You don't have to be a blogger to participate:)

Insta-Video Wednesday

While I'm writing this post the crazy puppy in the video is right next to me nesting the the blanker on the couch. It probably doesn't help that it's down, he's just that much more obsessed with comfort!

Oh this little dog. I swear if he doesn't get his loving he gets crazy. Monday was a busy day and when I got home from work Tuesday he just wanted to lay in my lap, and Rudy never lays anywhere, he is all energy.

Honestly, this pup and his love of "outside," Tuesday afternoon after walking he ran straight to the backyard and laid in the nastiest puddle you could imagine. Then in true Rudy fashion he sat on a lawn chair and barked at things.

There was literally a muddy trail from the puddle to the lawn chair. I wish I know what I'd see ahead of time so I could video him acting crazy.

Did you do anything IG video worththy this week?
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