31 Days Series Theme for 2013 & A Few Thoughts About Passionfruit

September 17, 2013

I didn't have time to photograph my recipe for this week, so it'll have to come at another time. Instead today I thought I'd talk about a few thing.

Seeing as how I never do that anymore.


I wanted to wait until closer to October, but I can't contain myself! 

I decided the theme for 31 Days in October for Louisiana Bride this year would be...

31 Day of Frugal Paleo. 

I've been trying to move that direction and cut out a lot of processed foods for quite some time, and considering how well my body responded to a Whole 30 I thought it would be a fun series to do. 

Honestly, when I eat really clean I feel a whole lot better, plus all my digestive problems tend to resolve themselves. 

Jeremy is even on board! Which never happens with such things. 

I've slowly started taking us to a all Paleo dinner plan, and I think for the most part this week's is. 

Point being, 31 Days of Frugal Meals did so well last year that I thought "Why not try to do frugal Paleo?" We all know how expensive Paleo can get, so I'm taking it down a knotch and eating Paleo on a budget. 

So, we'll see how I do. 


I've threatened for about 6-8 months now to get blog business cards. 
After working with Susan from 5 Minutes For Mom all summer I decided I had to bite the bullet, especially after signing up for the Type-A NOLA Conference. 
Plus it didn't hurt that a two weeks ago at a food truck thing I met a cooking store owner and it would have been beneficial to have a card then when he gave me his. 
Cheesy, yes. But necessary. 
I had initially created my own so it matched my blog design, but when printing wasn't going as planned I hoped over to Tiny Prints and created one in a template I've been eyeing for a long time. 
Can I be totally honestly with y'all?
I really wanted to use my Paleo Macaroons recipe, because I love it so much. However, the photo just wasn't colorful enough and didn't show up well. So I went with my Caramel Marshmallow Frosting recipe. 

Passionfruit was yet another reason I had to change my card design. 
I had designed my business card when Passionfruit was still free and set up a code for anyone with the business to advertise for free on Louisiana Bride for one month. 
Needless to say, their recent "let's make more money off the bloggers" caused me to have to give them up. I hated to, simply becasue it was a great way to share other blogs with you and allow them to advertise, for free of course. 
I just couldn't stomach paying for something I was using as an easy way to allow other bloggers to advertise for free here. 
Seriously, I either had to take the hit, or make bloggers take the hit. 
I want to always be that person who is more than happy to help out a newer blogger, I'm not one to scam them. If ever I do become "that" blogger please someone remind me of this. 
What do y'all this of the Passionfruit changes? Are you still using it? 
I know a lot of bloggers used them to make advertising easier so I'm curious as to what everyone thought.