Insta-Video Wednesday

September 18, 2013

Happy Hump Day! 

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Insta-Video Wednesday

Another week of weird things Rudy does.

This week, if I sit in the floor he insists he is hand fed. I blame this on the fact that my sister got me this pup as a birthday gift and needless to say any dog she lays hands on has odd quirks.

Ellie is all me, and totally bossy.

However, Laura's dogs are all slightly wacky.

Speaking of pups in our family. If you get a chance, say a prayer for my sister Laura. Her dog Annie (a spaniel mix) was running Sunday and had a disk rupture. It's apparently common for that breed, but she is now paralyzed on her back-end. Annie hasn't eaten since Sunday and the only way she can go to the bathroom is if Laura takes her outside and holds her up. The vet gave her a few shots and what-not, and sait it could heal itself, but after going back yesterday it is about Stage 4 and it's likely to fix itself.

Little Orphan Annie (I named her that because she had red curly hair and was a rescue) is a super sweet dog and has been my sister's companion for 7 years. The poor girl has gotten to a point where she is crying at night wanting Laura, because of the pain, and Laura has some tough decisions ahead of her. Plus her son adores that dog. If you get a chance to pray for comfort for her and Annie, she'd probably really appreciate it.

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