Tips for Making Your Blog Photos Pin-Worthy

September 5, 2013

Some Pinterest Pins receive more attention than others on Pinterest, not necessarily because they are better, but their photo is better.

Tips for Making Your Blog Photos Pin-Worthy

As a blogger with a not-so-professional camera it is a big struggle to take a decent photo. However, even with our less than stellar cameras we can still take awesome photos of all our D.I.Y projects, recipes, and everything else we write about as bloggers.

If you haven’t targeted Pinterest as a way to drive traffic to your site for free yet, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon.

Where not everyone wants to follow a blog, a Twitter handle, or a Facebook account, they are willing to follow a Pinner with great pins. Not every pin has to be yours, but if you get a reputation for fabulous Pinterest pins you can then mix in your own blog post photos and increase the chances of your post being found.

How can we do that though, the vast majority of us are professional photographers?

Simple, here are a few ways I stay on top of what types of images are “Pinterest popular.”

1. Keep an eye out for popular pins and take them into consideration. Look at the lighting, angles, photo staging, where the photos are taken. Practice with items around your house, the time of day, and take photos in different areas inside and outside of your home. Next, upload them to your computer and decide which looks the best. Tweak it, play with it, and practice. Great photographers aren’t born overnight.

2. If you don’t have fancy editing software like Photoshop, try using online photo editing services like PicMonkey. Once you decide you really like it, which won’t take long, sign up for their Royale service. Janice at 5 Minutes For Mom (I know I love them and am biased) has created several greattutorials on how to use PicMonkey, check it out!

3. Another thing that can make or break your Pinterest image is the image text. This is another place where keeping an eye out for what is popular is a must. Image text on Pinterest changes every few months, what was popular two months ago isn’t so popular anymore. Keep an eye out for where bloggers are placing text, the fonts they use, and the types of overlays that are being used. A great tip is to pull your overlay and text colors from the image itself. Stick with the natural color theme of the image when adding text.

4. Whenever possible, use a vertical image. Vertical images appear larger when pinned on Pinterest than horizontal images.

5. Check key word engines and choose your wording on an image wisely. Certain words attract more attention than others. The use of a great buzz word could be the deal maker or breaker that will get your blog post noticed.

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