Friday :: Also Known As Jean Day

September 13, 2013

... in teacher land.

Trust me teachers love two, wait 3 things. 1) Jean day 2) free coffee 3) actual planning periods

Now let's discuss the highlights from this week.

1. This isn't exactly a highlight. Lord have mercy, it rains a lot in South Louisiana during Hurricane season. This is season 3 and I don't think I'll ever accept the fact that I have to bathe muddy dogs this much.

2. Tuesday was quite the Murphy's Law day. I was rushing like crazy, I didn't sleep well the night before. Jeremy and I used different refillable Keurig filters, for his you have to remove the insert. Well I forgot to put it back in... and my Kcup blew up all over creation. Just one big coffee mug full of grounds. So I went to Starbucks to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It didn't end there though, I went to the gym that evening and had a spaz attack and knocked the head phones out of my ears on the elliptical, subsequently knocking my phone into oblivion. Y'all, just imagine me crawling around on the floor unable to find my phone while a group of juiced up Jersey Shore looking boys watched without asking to help. I had knocked it so far under a machine the manager had to come help me. Chawed is the theme of Tuesday in case you were wondering.

3. After a busy Monday, Rudy needed some serious cuddle time. This from a dog who never sits still, and rarely cuddles. What's he doing at the moment? Not cuddling... instad he is tormenting my 7 year old dachshund.

4. Coola tinted sunscreen is so nice, I'll talk more about it in my Birchbox review for this month. Yes! I finally got my beloved Birchbox subscription back. PTL there is light at the end of the graduate school tunnel! That nail color is by Ruffian by the way. It's so shiney purple I'm afraid if I get to close to a body of water that fish will attack me.

5. After the week I had the only thing to make it better was an ice cream float with Praline Cream Soda Swamp Pop. It tasted like heaven and made me forget what I had my Master's degree in. Sometime I need to forget that and pretend I did what I like and went into PR. Oh Emily, hindsight is 20/20.