Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss

August 14, 2013

Recently I was sent a few bottles of neuro Bliss to try out, and today we're talking about it... and stress. 

Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss

Seriously, as I school teacher I can't seem to get away from the stress. Instead of just having it come down from my boss, it's also caused by kids and parents. Teaching just hits you from every direction.

Before I became a teacher I was a lot more chilled out, slept better, and had fewer breakouts (all my skin issues are stress related). At the end of the day I am in pain from being so tense, hoarse from speaking so much, and mentally fried from putting everything I had into it.

I should be able to avoid that, but I can't. I workout every day as a means to burn off stress, but it only works so much.

Honestly, and I had to admit it, I take melatonin every night of the school year just to help me sleep. Otherwise I wake up several times a night frantically thinking about what I "have" to do when I get up. Then I start spazing out that I am awake and am losing precious sleep minutes.

It's a nasty cycle.

Let's face it though, we are all super stressed out all the time!

Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss

This is why when I was approached to try out neuro Bliss I jumped at the idea.

You're telling me you can de-stress me?

Okay, let's go!

I'd stand on my head for an hour if it meant I was less stressed out.

Plus they promise "happiness in every bottle." A teacher just can't say no to that!

Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss

Before we get into how much I loved neuro Bliss let's cover just what it's about!

- neuro Bliss is designed to reduce stress & relax the mind.
- It contains chamomile, a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants ( L-theanine) to produce relaxation and enhance focus.
- The combo provides a calming effect & promotes a positive outlook by reducing stress levels, improving memory, improving attention, and supporting the brain.
- it's only 35 calories and has no artificial flavors or colors.

Or you could just read the bottle yourself...

Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss

I personally loved it. My biggest stress time is at night.

I just can't for the life of me shut my mind off and go to sleep.

So on a few of my worst sleeping nights, as in the first day of school, I drank my neuro Bliss before hitting the sack.

Seriously, it was the best sleep I'd had in weeks. I woke up less ready to hurt someone for waking me up. I made it to work on time, and somehow kept my cool all day long.

Bliss & Tell with neuro Bliss

I thought about taking one to work with me, but night time is always the worst. I just can't unwind. I also know they make one for sleep, holy Moses if this one chilled me out that well who knows how great I'd sleep with the other! Ha!

The flavor the neuro Bliss comes in is lyche, I'm not the biggest lyche fan, but the taste was nice.

I also don't like carbonated drinks at all, I maybe drink one a month on average. neuro Bliss is lightly carbonated, and when they say lightly carbonated they mean it. It has just enough carbonation that it had a slight bubble at the end, it was enjoyable and pleasant and not at all like the abrasive fountain sodas that I so despise.

neuro Bliss infographic

I really love the product and would recommend it to anyone. It tastes good, but the effects way surpass the flavor.

So go ahead and pick up a bottle, they sell the at Target if that is any incentive (you know you love some Target shopping), and Bliss & Tell your Blissful Moment.

Be sure you Bliss & Tell for a chance to win a $10K dream vacation!

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