High 5 For Friday

August 9, 2013

It's been a week, and while I'm happy to see the weekend... it also means school is on the horizon. 

Horizon, as in 8am today. 

1. Last weekend we went out of town and ate at an awesome Vietnamese restaurant for ole Jeremy's birthday. The old man turned 29! I'm the awful wife who forgot to get a card and didn't get a single chance to do it without saying "Hey Jeremy, let's go get you a card." That man though is highly sneaky for anniversaries and my birthday. I need his stellar skills.

2. Ellie, oh hot mess of my old puppy Ellie. In an attempt to sneak out, it's her M.O., she got caught and just sat in the board mushed up against the fence like she planned it out. Now we both know she was caught/stuck. I took several photos before forcing her to get out. She would have gladly stayed until I left and then got out of the fence. Then again Ellie "getting out" is simply that dog leaving the back yard and knocking on the front door. Yes, she knocks on the front door... scratches 3 times like a real person knocking.

3. Work, oh work. I honestly left work yesterday thinking that yesterday was Friday. Good thing I got it together before I just didn't show today. I honestly feel like I need a full work day with no meetings or children just to type up lesson plans and get my act in order. I'm not the teacher who can do work at home, I have to get it done at work. I can do blogging "work" (actual real work with companies) all day long, but throw a stack of papers at me and I can't for the life of me grade them within my own home.

4. I'm so appreciating our immense counter space. It's not as much as the Monroe house, I know I refer to that a lot but the layout was ideal, but it's enough that my cookbooks can be down. In Thibodaux I never pulled out my books because they were stored so high up, and this girl isn't climbing if the need doesn't be. I'm short, I need things in arm's reach.

5. I posted it on IG, but I use to hate dressing like other people. When it came time to sign up for t-ball and what not (my hometown basically acts like you're abusing your kids if they don't play ball) I refused because I didn't want to dress like everyone else... according to my mother. However, when it comes to teaching I am so down with wearing what the crowd wears if it means I don't have to iron and am crazy comfy. Nothing beats Sperry's and a t-shirt.


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