Brain Dump

August 8, 2013

There has been a lot lately, and I haven't done a "what we've been up to post" in ages.

So here it is... with bullet points.

- Teacher things have been in full swing, student/parent orientation is today and classes start tomorrow. I am starting to need a few extra days, which I don't have. Today I am just going to work on tomorrow's lesson plan and then start kicking out next week.

- If you're a teacher you may have heard of EngageNY. It's what we are using instead of the basal so that our instruction fits with Common Core. The lessons are already planned out, but the fact that we need to locate certain items to teach and have a zillion loose paper handouts (newly given to us from the school board) is kind of freaking me out. I just keep telling myself what I tell new teachers, "It always sucks the first 6 weeks, then you get the hang of it and it's easy from then on out."

Good thing though, this is new to everyone and not just new to the district little ole me.

- Jeremy has been in work (school psychologist) mode for a few weeks now and I have to tell you it's weird. After two years of intense graduate school, he being up when I'm leaving took some adjusting to this week. However, two pay checks are more than welcome. Whoo hoo for leaving the graduate school budget behind!

- On the same Jeremy working note, he has been dressed up (school dress code calls for men wearing ties as optional but preferred) every single day. That man looks so good in Express slacks and a fitted button down. I am more than willing to pay for a few more pair, some more of their shrits, and a suit or two. Sorry, but tall skinny men look really good in fitted clothing. Regular men's button up shirts are just too baggy on him, I guess for his length they want him to be chunky.

- I've been bushing the dogs teeth more lately, Ellie's breath was getting out of control. The first time I did it they were irritated with me, but last night they flat out acted like I had abused them. Dramatic weenie dogs!

- I need to do a tour of the townhouse soon, maybe I'll wait for the Kelly's Korner SUYL Tour of Homes link-up. Or maybe I'll just slowly clean really well room by room and take pics ha! After being gone last weekend and working this week the house is less than blogable.

That's all for now, I need to hop up and iron some khakies for work.

Back to the khakies.

Oh those khakies.

What have y'all been up to lately?