High 5 For Friday

August 16, 2013

I couldn't be happier to see Friday! Let's do a little week in review today shall we... 

1. Last Saturday Jeremy's car was showing signs it wasn't going to make it to our intended "ditch by" date and we had to trade it earlier. While I'm super happy to be rid of the Cobalt, the whole Saturday was spent at the dealership. So this Saturday I'm catching up on cleaning, lessons plans, and not seeing the light of day.

2. Lesson plans. Oh dear. It's making me insane, especially since the kids haven't started being pulled for PE and what not, there isn't to work during the day and I'm dead exhausted. Like shooting pain from my feet to my hip from standing from 8-4 everyday either teaching or on duty. Definitely the hardest teacher schedule I seen yet.

3. Rudy. Would anyone like a Rudy? I tried to give him back in my mother's birthday card yesterday, sadly she didn't accept her gift. This little hot mess has decided he likes sitting in a lawn chair all afternoon to bark.

4. Jeremy cleared out the garage, yay. Now I have to park my car in there.... um I guess yay. With a washer/dryer in there its a huge achievement every time that I park and don't wreck. Which has yet to happen by the way. I figured out a little trick to turn on my headlight so I can see how close I am to it haha!

5. Little Miss Maddie Moo popped up on my Timehop this week. I sure miss that pup, she was obsessed with being near me if I did yoga at home. If anyone did child's pose she had to get directly under you. Silly pup!