Insta-Video Wednesday :: The Rudy Edition

August 7, 2013

Insta-Video Wednesday

Someone, named Rudy, has a foot fetish. Or an attacking feet fetish. Nothing good happens when you don't have socks on.

That same said doggie has an obsession with the Aflac duck. Sadly he got a little overly obsessed, ripped the butt off the duck, took out the speaker pouch, then removed the little quacking box. I contemplated throwing the duck away, but he loves it so much I let him keep it. I just took away the quacking box, no one really enjoys hearing that all night.

This past weekend we went out of town for Jeremy's birthday, after a good dose of terrorizing our friends 7 year old lab Rudy decided to take a nap. Let it be known this is as quiet as it got.

He tends to have a crazy streak every night around 8:30 or 9pm and we have to run around and throw the tennis ball. Otherwise he starts acting out, as in peeing on furniture and chewing walls.


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