High 5 for Friday/5 on Friday:: & it's a girls weekend around here!

August 23, 2013

Before we get to today's post, can I just say I am in love with PicMonkey's school theme! 

1. Last Saturday we went on a hunt for comfy teacher shoes. I gave in and got some Naturalizers, and oh my word my feet don't hurt anymore. I don't know how some of these teachers do it in the super high wedges and heels. Nuts! Anyway, on the way back Jeremy spotted a food truck and we got there as they were running out and only had mango Italian ice left, it was the best ice dessert I've ever had. Sheer heaven. 

2. Yeah, I'm a little food focused on Fridays. I made homemade gnocchi with sausage and a parmesan cheese sauce... the hubby was happy. I was a little happy too. 

3. School's back and the pencil thieves returned. Last year was probably one of my better non-pencil-snatching years. Two years ago though, I went as far as tapeing plastic spoons to certain kids pencils. No one wants to take a pencil with 5 spoons taped end to end on it! I'm toning it down this year and just putting my name on things like crazy. I suspect someone is snatching my Expo marker stash (which is in my desk), so I'll label that too soon. 

4. Back in Feburary Beth Moore held a blog giveaway in honor of thier 15th year of Living Proof Live and picked a ton of winners. I managed to win and got 2 tickets for the Shreveport event this weekend. It was hands downt he best gift ever, especially since I won on my birthday! Today I found out I won the social media grand prize package and we are getting front row seats for this weekend, I'm also get a Living Proof necklace & anniversary shirt. I seriously danced around my classroom like I won the lottery. Y'all have no idea! I honestly can't wait to get up this morning and get to Shreveport. We are meeting up with my old Life Group class for dinner and I get to see my "Monroe Mama" Mrs. Susan and hang out with the ladies some. God has for some reason seen fit to let us have my dream girls weekend this year and I couldn't be more thankful. It with be so refreshing and a great weekend full of lots of learning:)

5. Ole Rue-bear. This pup is the biggest mess ever! He hasn't been coming in covered in mud, but I can tell he is digging again becaue his toes are so caked with mud. He is seriously such a nut case. 

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