When you let a 3 year old get in the way of your better judgement...

March 24, 2013

Being that I'm the cool aunt, and well seemingly the only aunt, I tend to do what ever is requested of me from this child. I spend my life disciplining children, teaching things that really matter according to whoever is in charge of our state these days, and being an adult

Sorry, but it is hard to be an 'adult' when you wake up some mornings fearing you missed the bus...a bus that passed well over a decade ago. 

I digress. 

My life is about being responsible and setting some example, so when it comes to this kids it all goes out of the window. He is the only child you will ever see me act this silly with, have conversations with fish with, and ever listen to what he says to do even when I know I shouldn't. 

Which brings me to yesterday. 

We shopped till we dropped, introduced ourselves to every fish in PetSmart, ate enough flat taffy to kill a diabetic at Hobby Lobby, and bought the craziest bouncy ball...that would come back to bite us in the butt later. 

Fast forward to when we got home last night, Joshua was insisting I bouce the ball really high. So far the first few bounces went well. Then...then, he asked me to bounce it really hard, in the hallway. Just so we are clear, I had a moment of mental absense that that glass light fixture that has existed in this house since I was born was at that moment in existance in this hallway. So I bounced the ball. 

Oh and it bounced high. So high it knocked off the light fixture covering, which is all glass, sending it sailing straight towards my sister's dog (if she were a human she'dwould be classified as having Generalized Anxiety Disorder, she once got freaked out in a game of chase and jumped onto my parents bed and peed on my mother's pillow) and smacked her in the back before exploding into opaque white shards everywhere

Now I realize that was the longest run-on sentence ever, but it is how I'd say it in real life, so we will over look that for now. 

So at that point, I'm standing in the hallway, looking at a super freaked out Spaniel mix, a 3 year old who can't decide if he sould play in the glass or say something to me, and two weenie dogs who's first instint is to run through the glass with their tiny little paws. 

After a moment of silence Joshua looked dead at me with the most serious 'you're in trouble' look I've ever seen on his face and he angrily proclaimed "That was NOT cool Meme!" For a second I thought he was going to insist I go into time out. Luckily I just got a speech. "Meme, you threw the ball too hard...it went waaay up dere (there), and hit that ting (thing), and it broked. Not cool Meme. Not cool." 

I just got schooled by a pre-k kid. Oops! 

So schooled, that he got up this morning to tell me that throwing the ball super high was not cool. 

Perhaps I'll never live this down. 

I do know one thing though, I need to go get another light fixture this afternoon.