Analog Weekend // what are you doing to when you unplug?

March 8, 2013

Analog weekend is about to begin, and I'll be unplugging from the blog for two days. I wish I could say I was unplugging from the computer completely, but Jeremy asked me to speak at youth this Wednesday a while back and I have some final editing to do. 

What's my topic you ask?

I know you didn't really ask. But I'm telling you anyway.

Granted I have no legit title, but I basically want to encourage our girls to serve like the women in the bible. Kelly Minter's Nehemiah study got me going on this in 3:12 where it mentions a few daughters helping rebuild the wall. 

So I'll be cleaning up my rough draft of that, doing Ultimate Yogi, attempting to train this little weenie dog, and eating insanely clean Saturday to reboot after only eating moderately clean this weekend. Home girl is craving some veggies bad! Plus there is house cleaning to do. 

Lest we ever forget that. 

I leave you with this little quote, I like it quite a bit:)

Take a break and unplug this weekend, then come back Monday and tell me what you did. But don't do it now, it'd be the opposite of unpluging.